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About the MLAS Program

The Master of Laboratory Animal Science (MLAS) degree program in the Department of Comparative Medicine is a flexible, one-two year graduate program designed for students who want to pursue advanced careers in biomedical research, focusing on animal modeling and biomethodology, laboratory animal science, organizational management and facility design, regulatory and compliance, and animal welfare.  The MLAS program was approved in perpetuity by Stanford University in the spring of 2018.    

The program’s academic courses are designed to build a solid foundation for a successful career in laboratory animal science and biomedical research. Our graduates find employment in pharmaceutical companies, academia or pursue training in Medical or Veterinary schools.  The program was designed to give students the ability to customize their academic research experience.  

The Master of Laboratory Animal Science degree program  may also be taken by Stanford undergraduate students as a coterminal degree program.

The MLAS program’s Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code is 26.0102.

Degree Requirements

  1. At least 45 units of academic work, all of which must be in courses at or above the 100 level. 36/45 units must be at or above the 200 level.

  2. Students must complete a master's thesis, which may take the following form:

    1. Original analysis of original data.

    2. A comprehensive literature review with a meta-analysis of data or a critical reanalysis of data.

    3. Evaluation of a methodological problem using real data.

    4. A comprehensive literature review with a grant proposal (NIH style format) for a new study to bridge a gap in the existing knowledge.

  3. As per Stanford policy, the master's degree must be completed within 3 years.

How to Apply

THE APPLICATION DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED. The application deadline for Academic year 2022-2023 is March 11th 2022.

Stanford coterminal degree students may apply for admission for any quarter. Please visit the coterminal page for the application deadlines.  

Congratulations to
Ina Lee and Juju Hallum on their
Outstanding Research Proposal award!

Ina Lee

Ina's research project focuses on :  

“Characterization of Dorsal Horn Circuitry Following Cervical Deafferentation in Rats and Non-Human Primates.”

PI: Dr. Corinna Darian-Smith

Juju Hallum

Juju's research project focuses on:  

"Characterizing the Supportive Connective Tissue Scaffolding in the Liver, Kidney, and Heart of Common Laboratory Animal Species.”

PI: Dr. José Vilches-Moure

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Master Laboratory Animal Science Program, Department of Comparative Medicine, School of Medicine

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