Relocating to Stanford

Moving to California can seem like a daunting task, but Stanford University and the Department of Comparative Medicine has several opportunities to assist in a smooth transition.

Departmental relocation policy

The Department of Comparative Medicine offers newly hired residents a reimbursement stipend for moving costs such as coach/economy air travel, pets, packing and storage costs up to $1500.  A relocation stipend requires applicants to move greater than 50 miles

Safety net for unexpected emergencies

Stanford has Grant-in-Aid financial burden funds specifically to reimburse unexpected hardships for postdoctoral scholars. This program can award up to $5,000 in grants that do not have to be repaid but are taxable.

Short term hotel stays

For prospective and admitted postdoctoral scholars from diverse backgrounds, there are protected funds under the Diverse Veterinary Applicant Fund (DiVAF) to cover short term stays at the Stanford Guest House, a hotel on campus. This may include externship duration stays and/or visitations to the state as you explore rental properties pending your appointment as a resident. Please contact Dr. Megan Albertelli at for further information about this fund and departmental diversity efforts.


As a laboratory animal resident in the department of Comparative Medicine, you are classified as a postdoctoral scholar. This qualifies you for loan deferment when you begin your official enrollment/employment with Stanford. For non-federal loans you may need to submit yearly paperwork proving employment in your field. The postdoctoral affairs office can help you complete this paperwork via online submission.

Additional relocation information can be found at the following links: