Pre-Vet Newsletters

Stanford Alumni's Experience

This spring (2016), I accepted my offer to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, and I have been happily reestablishing my roots in my home state. I am wrapping up an intensive six-week anatomy seminar for incoming first year vet students without prior anatomy coursework (sadly, I became pre-vet too late in my Stanford career to take Dr. B's course!). The past few weeks have been a WONDERFUL chance to get a head start on the material, to meet my fall anatomy professor and some fellow vet students (a third of my class took the course with me), and to settle in to Aggieland before things start in earnest in mid-August. The workshop was not for credit, so there was no pressure - just a much-appreciated chance to learn! 

This fall, A&M's vet school will move to an entirely new facility just down the road from its current location - needless to say, everyone is very excited! A team of Aggies (including my anatomy professor!) visited Stanford Medical School as they designed the new vet school facility, so I am hoping to feel right at home once the buildings open. As similar as the buildings may be, the weather here could not be more different from the Bay Area climate - it's HOT, HUMID, and rains frequently in the summer! Missing those cool California nights and dry climate, but thankful to be surrounded by some great people and to be starting vet school at last.

I'm happy to talk to any current pre-vets about my experiences, ESPECIALLY if they are interested in A&M - Aggieland is great, but the admissions process here can be quite an adventure! Feel free to share my contact info. 

Thank you again for reaching out!


Elizabeth Lake