Pre-Vet Expo III, 2012

Pre-Vet Club

Attendees Registering

Attendees Listening to
Morning Speakers

Morning Audience

Dr. Laura Falkner Spoke about the demand of being an Equine Veterinarian

Suture Table Demonstration

Veterinary Panel

More Comparative Anatomy Viewing

Poster Session

Veterinary Students Question/Answer Session

Veterinarians and Veterinary Students

Pre-Vet Students with One Health,
One Medicine, One World shirt on

Speakers Sitting
Around Table

Dr. Anne McDonald Spoke
about Non-Profit Work in Morocco

Dr. Heather Harris (far left)
Talked about Marine Mammal Medicine

More Suture Interaction

Poster Viewing

Blacksmith Table

Dr. B Talking to an Enthusiastic Attendee

Dr. Melissa Miller Spoke about Diseases of Sea Otters

Our Registrant Volunteers

Dr. B Welcoming Attendees

Dr. Jennifer Johns Spoke about
Clinical Pathology

Dr. Andrew Staatz Spoke about
Small Animal Surgery

Dr. Cholawat Pacharinsak Spoke about
Anesthesia and Pain Management

Veterinarians Question/Answer Session

Comparative Anatomy Table

Poster Session

Veterinary Students Panel

Comparative Medicine Staff:  L --> R
Dr. Claude Nagamine, DeVere Charron, Dr. Cholawat Pacharinsak
and Dr. Helen Chum