Pre-Vet Expo IV, 2015

Donna Bouley DVM, PhD, DACVP (Dr. B) Professor of Comparative Medicine Stanford School of Medicine (SOM) welcomes Participants to Pre-Vet Expo IV

Dr. Meera Heller DVM, PhD DACVIM Discusses Her Career as an Assistant Professor of
Clinical Livestock Medicine at
UC Davis CVM, Davis, CA

Dr. Stephen Felt DVM, MPH
DACLAM, Associate Professor of
Comparative Medicine at Stanford
Explains the Concept of "One Health"

Lots of Great Conversations Going on Over Lunch!

Vet Panel II (L --> R) Drs. A. Zehnder,
S. Bushmich, C. Foley, E. Graff

Dr. Stacey Kang DVM, a Lab
Animal Resident at Stanford, and a
Stanford Alum Talks with Dr. B at
the Suturing Table


Lisa Eshman DVM,
Program Director, Veterinary
Technology, Foothill College
Discusses this Profession with

Kelly Zeytoonian DVM Starwood Equine Veterinary Services Woodside, CA Describes a Typical Day as an Equine Practitioner

Dr. Sandra Bushmich DVM, MS Describes Her Role at the State Diagnostic Lab at Univ of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

Mike Murray DVM, Director of Veterinary Services at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Monterey, CA Describes His Field of Veterinary Medicine - "Things in water..."

Afternoon Vet Panel Q & A
Session, (L --> R) Drs. A Staatz,
V. Fravel, P. Buckmaster,
M. MacDougall, G. Suarez-Mier, A. Pascal-Tenorio

Vet Student Q & A Panel.
Clare Sherman Spoke about Her
Experiences in Vet School

Poster Viewing

L --> R Drs. B., M. Roodgar,
E. Seymour, T. Seymour

Alex Hicks-Nelson 2nd year at
Tufts CVM, BS Biology from Stanford
hangs out with Dr. B

Attendees Listen Attentively to the A.M. Veterinary Speakers

Dr. Emily Graff DVM, DACVP
Graduate Student at Auburn
University CVM, Describes Her
Studies of Obesity-Related
Diseases in Cats

During Eat Lunch with a Vet Session,
Dr. Travis Seymour VMD, MS (left), a Lab
Animal Resident at Stanford Talks with
Expo Participants

Aurea Pascal-Tenorio, DVM Moderated the Vet Panel Q & A Sessions

Daimen Sagustume and Amy Chen
Students of Dr. B's, Oversee the Comparative
Anatomy Display

Plastinated Suturing Demo

Even Parents Participated in the Expo!