Comparative Medicine

About Comparative Medicine

Comparative Medicine is a distinct discipline of experimental medicine that uses animal models of human and animal disease in translational and biomedical research. The Department of Comparative Medicine at Stanford is an academic department whose faculty teach at the undergraduate, graduate, professional and post graduate levels. Faculty have a variety of research interests including, but not limited to, epilepsy, infectious diseases, behavioral disorders, genetics and cancer

In the News

Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Garner and his team for receiving an honorable mention award at the first Stanford Program on Research Rigor & Reproducibility (SPORR) 2023 Colloquium.

The honorable mention is in recognition of Dr. Garner and his lab’s track record in reproducibility and rigor metascience, the science of doing science.

SPORR highlighted his Nature article, Introducing Therioepistemology: the study of how knowledge is gained from animal research.

Dr. Garner would like to acknowledge his Stanford team -  former postdocs, Jamie Ahloy-Dallaire and Elin Weber, Stanford staff, Michael Guiterrez, and his current and past trainees who have contributed over the years. 

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