A bold plan for improving human health

(left to right) Dennis Lund, interim CEO of Stanford Children's Health; David Entwistle, president and CEO of Stanford Health Care: and Lloyd Minor, dean of the Stanford School of Medicine

This is an important moment for Stanford Medicine.

For the first time, the medical school and the two hospitals have teamed up to create an integrated strategic plan. This is a pivotal development that will have a significant impact on our future and our ability to serve our surrounding community.

Stanford Medicine doesn't think small. Our mission is bold: improving human health through discovery and care. We do that as we serve our neighbors locally and our community globally. We do that as we inspire and prepare the next generation of leaders in science and medicine. We do that through precision health: predicting, preventing and curing disease. Precisely.

The integrated strategic plan draws the road map for how Stanford University School of MedicineStanford Health Care and Stanford Children's Health will work hand in hand to fulfill that mission.
The yearlong process to create the plan proved that Stanford Medicine is all in. The response for ideas was overwhelming — numbering in the thousands — and the resulting document is inspired by our entire community.

Stanford Medicine is reaffirming its commitment to be human centered and discovery led. We will lead the revolution in precision health, and we have identified three priorities to drive us toward our goal:

  • Value focused: We will continue to deliver unparalleled quality care through a highly personalized patient experience that focuses on empowering our patients and their families. We will optimize our state-of-the-art campus facilities and re-evaluate our network to ensure a seamless health care experience that puts our patients at its center.
  • Digitally driven: We will lead the digital health revolution, delivering high-tech, high-touch care and transforming biomedical discovery enabled by digital advances. We will lead in population health and data science to advance health and wellness, amplifying the impact of Stanford innovation globally.
  • Uniquely Stanford: Our greatest strength is our integration within Stanford University, and we reaffirm the importance of our interdisciplinary, team-based science and education to accelerate discovery in and knowledge of human biology. We will harness the power of our basic sciences and the university's seven schools to advance fundamental human knowledge, translational medicine and global health.

This plan will be our guiding star as we navigate future opportunities and challenges. We would not have reached this point without the broad support of our campus and local community, and we've been energized by your commitment to our future.

Ongoing feedback from stakeholders will ensure that our plan will be updated based on the needs of our community and the demands of the market.

The strategic planning process has confirmed again that the passion and dedication of the Stanford Medicine community runs deep. With the entire community working together, we cannot wait to see what we will accomplish for you.

Over the last century-plus, Stanford Medicine has delivered some of the world's most important scientific and medical advances. We are proud of that history, but we're just getting started.

At Stanford Medicine, our best is yet to come.