Life as a Fellow

A brief overview of the responsibilities and benefits of working as a COMET Fellow

Expectations of Fellows

  • After acceptance to the fellowship, complete medical scribe online training and COMET Fellowship online training to learn the basics of medical transcription and medical terminology (approximately 50 hours)
  • Be available beginning June 1, 2022 for program onboarding and in-clinic training on the Stanford campus
  • Complete 25+ hours of in-clinic training with COMET trainers and physician mentor(s), where you will build your expertise in medical scribing
  • Work side by side with physician mentor(s) for a minimum of 20 hours a week
  • Commit to a year-long fellowship ending June 23, 2023


Educational Opportunities

In addition to the clinical experience  you will gain through scribing, you will also have opportunities to participate in:

  • Educational seminars. Examples include:
    • Continuing Medical Education (CME) lectures on a variety of specialties by experts in their field supplemented with peer-facilitated discussions
    • Peer led presentations and discussions of case reports, innovative programs, and faculty research
  • Opportunities to expand your skills beyond the traditional scribe role. Examples include:
    • Rooming patients and taking vital signs
    • Updating preventative services for patients
    • Engaging patients in health coaching and motivational interviewing 
    • Scribing in innovative models (i.e. telehealth visits, team visits, collaborative visits)




Research and Scholarship 

  • Fellows are encouraged to pursue optional research with their mentor(s) and/or other Stanford faculty. To learn more about current faculty research interests, please see our Faculty page.
  • The program has a long history of fellow-driven research projects, many of which have been presented at national conferences. Past ​projects include:
    • The effects of scribing on physician and patient satisfaction
    • Scribing as an avenue of pipeline development in primary care
    • And many more! 
  • The fellowship provides a stipend for travel and accommodation for fellows who have been accepted to present at regional or national conferences.


Updated: July 2021