Fellowship News 2021-2022

COMET's Holiday Social

Written by: Bryson Gomez, 2021-22 Chief Scribe

Happy holidays!

Over the weekend, COMET had its annual holiday party which allowed fellows to socialize with each other, have fun, and celebrate being halfway done with the academic year before heading into our winter break. We enjoyed delicious food catered by @elchilangocatering, decorated gingerbread houses, and talked about our plans for winter break. With fellowship being one of the three pillars of COMET, socials like this are foundational to the COMET experience.

What are your holiday plans?

Posted on 12/16/21

Feel Good Friday - Alumni Spotlight

Written by: Jacob Less, 2021-22 Chief Medical Scribe Emeritus

Name: Alexis Kofoed 

Hometown: Fairfield, CA

Undergraduate University: San Jose State University 

Post-Graduate Education: Touro University, MPH & Stanford University School of Medicine, PCAP

Current Profession: Physician Associate

COMET year: Class of 2016

Favorite memory from your time as a fellow:

"That’s a tough one! There are so many great memories to choose from. I think my favorite memory is representing COMET at the STFM National Conference in Minneapolis with Dr. Lin, Dr. Sattler and Cat Carragee. We had a blast presenting COMET on a national platform!"

Why did you decide to join COMET?

"Prior to COMET, I was an emergency room technician responding to acute health conditions for patients presenting in a vulnerable state of health. I practiced a reactive approach to medicine with the goal of keeping a patient stable, but always remained curious about patient follow-up and continuity of care once they were discharged from the ED. This experience showed me that the number one cause of death is not MVA’s or gunshot wounds, but diet-induced and cardiac related disease. I decided to join COMET to better understand how primary care is uniquely positioned in the healthcare system to explore root causes of poor health, deliver a proactive approach to patient care and create a longitudinal care plan to wellness."

How has COMET supported your health education journey or influenced your professional practice?

"The COMET experience has been invaluable to my health education and continues to influence my professional practice today. Hands down, COMET prepared me for the rigorous curriculum and clinical rotations in PA school, and taught me pearls that I still reference in my current clinical practice. I’m extremely grateful for the support, guidance and true examples of exceptional clinician mentors provided to me as a COMET fellow."

What advice can you give to a future COMET Fellow?

"Be a sponge and absorb as much information as you can! This is such a unique educational opportunity that will help you grow personally and professionally. Enjoy every second, stay curious and soak it all in!"

Enter Heading Text

Written by: Bradley Fong, 2021-22 Chief Scribe

This past Saturday, the COMET Fellowship took a trip over to Half Moon Bay to explore the amazing coastline and beach as well as walking through historic downtown Half Moon Bay. In downtown, they were able to pick out some yummy candy bags at the Small Town Sweets. The trip ended after getting delicious musubi, chicken bowl and hot coffee. Check out the pictures from this October social!

Feel Good Friday - Alumni Spotlight

Written by: Jacob Less, 2021-22 Chief Medical Scribe Emeritus

Name: Cat Carragee

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Undergraduate University: Willamette University 

Medical Education: University College Dublin School of Medicine

Current Profession: PGY1 at UCSD Family Medicine 

COMET year: Class of 2016 (the inaugural COMET Cohort)

Favorite memory from your time as a fellow:  Jamming out at STFM with Dr. Lin, Dr. Teng, and Dr. Sattler at STFM. 

Why did you decide to join COMET? 

"While scribing in an ED, I was struck by how much of the work was taken up by primary care concerns: prescription refills for chronic conditions, suture removals, and referrals for specialist care due to poor access to primary care in the community. I joined COMET to see how primary care fit into the healthcare jigsaw puzzle. I stayed to watch it grow from Family Medicine to other primary care clinics and into specialties and because the people are AMAZING." 

How has COMET supported your health education journey or influenced your professional practice? 

"It led me to Family Medicine! I loved it then and I loved it now. The connections I built with COMET helped me access mentorship and participate in research projects during medical school. It also provided me with examples of excellent healthcare providers to guide my path to medical school."

How has COMET’s growth compared to your expectations of the program, as a member of the first COMET Class?

"Oh, this is a fun question. I came in expecting to have a shift job similar to when I was scribing in the ED. The program, even in its early stage, was much more than just a job. I built strong connections with the providers I worked with and participated in groundbreaking research. I also grew very attached to the people I worked with, to the point where it was difficult to say goodbye and not stay on to see where COMET would go!" 

What advice can you give to a future COMET Fellow?

"You can use this to springboard anywhere! There is a very steep learning curve, but you will overcome it. Once you reach the sweet spot you have such a unique opportunity to learn with amazing providers about medicine, healthcare access, research, academics, and life!"

COMET's September Social

Written by: Elyse Gonzales, 2021-22 Chief Scribe

When Dr. Steven Lin created the COMET program, he envisioned creating a space for motivated pre-health students to explore their interests, gain clinical experience, and pursue research– but above all, he emphasized the importance of fellowship. To foster fellowship, the COMET program hosts monthly social events for fellows to bond and get to know one another outside of a clinical setting. 

This past weekend, our COMET scribes traveled to Baker Beach in San Francisco for their September social. After eating a delicious lunch catered by Miss Saigon, fellows played volleyball, took pictures, shared laughs–all while taking in a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Keep an eye out for news regarding our upcoming October social!