COMET Summer Fellows

Class of 2025

Jessica Balbin

My name is Jessica Balbin (she/her), and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I graduated from Stanford with a B.S. in Chemistry, and will be graduating with a Masters in Community Health and Infection Prevention from Stanford in Spring of 2025. Throughout my undergraduate career,  I have dedicated much time in addressing barriers to equitable healthcare as co-founder of Stanford’s American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative chapter where I have worked with university chapters and physicians across the nation to increase lung cancer screening rates, and as a preclinical volunteer at the Cardinal Free Clinics that provides free medical care to uninsured and underinsured patients in the Bay Area. My research interests lie in understanding adaptive immune response in pediatric immunocompromised populations, and in understanding the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Through the COMET program I am very excited to continue building my knowledge for how to establish an optimal doctor-patient rapport and how care plans are tailored to eliminate social determinants of health patients might be experiencing.

Ashlymol Benny

 Hello everyone! My name is Ashlymol Benny, and I was born and raised in India. I am a licensed and certified doctor in India. I am happily settled with my husband and our four-month-old bundle of joy in the Bay Area. I completed my medical school at Dali University in China, followed by a core internship where I served underserved communities at the General Hospital in India. After that, I worked as a Junior Resident Doctor in the Pain and Palliative Medicine Department at St. John's Medical College for six months.

My passion for medicine began at a young age, and I was inspired by my mother, who was an operating room nurse. My career journey in India taught me that medicine is my calling, which is why I chose to become a physician.

My long-term goal is to become an Internal Medicine/Family Medicine Physician in the US by matching into a residency program. I am currently preparing for the USMLE exams to pursue my residency in Internal Medicine. In my free time, you will find me exploring new places, trying out new dishes, and binge-watching new series.

As a Comet fellow, I am filled with enthusiasm as I look forward to acquiring priceless clinical experience in America, engaging in exceptional research opportunities, and forging enduring bonds with peers and mentors. I strongly believe that this program will help me bridge the gap between the Indian healthcare system and the US healthcare system. 

Rachel Broweleit

Hi! I’m Rachel Broweleit, and I was born and raised in Fremont, California. I am a recent graduate from Williams College, on the pre-medical track with a B.A. in Chemistry. In my free time, I like playing the cello, watching TV shows, cafe hopping with friends, and going on runs.

At Williams, I worked in a Biochemistry lab for three years to study the preparation of liposomes through quantification by HPLC-ELSD. I was a co-author for two papers, one discussing the effects of different buffers in mobile phase, and the other studying the extent of lipid loss and compositional change during preparation of liposomes by common biophysical methods. Aside from working in the lab, I played the cello as a soloist, in the symphony, in a cello acapella group, and in a variety of chamber ensembles. In my senior year, I won a concerto competition and was able to perform a solo with the Berkshire Symphony.

My interest in medicine began when I started shadowing an orthopedic surgeon at the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. During my time there, I got to see a variety of surgeries, all of which I found really exciting. What made the largest impression on me was interacting with patients. I was inspired by the way my doctor was able to accommodate every single patient with good communication and empathy.

I’m honored to become a COMET fellow and gain valuable clinical experience while pursuing the medical path. I look forward to meeting everyone and a year of learning and growth!

Kari Chau

Hi everyone!

I'm Kari, a first-generation graduate from UC Davis, originally from San Jose, CA. I pursued my Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior with minors in Managerial Economics and Public Health Sciences. Currently, I'm enrolled in the Post-Baccalaureate Health Professions Program at the University of California, Berkeley.

During my undergraduate years, I interned at UC Davis Health as an Orthopedic Cast Intern, gaining hands-on experience in casting broken bones and educating patients on post-casting care. Presently, I volunteer at a local free medical clinic, coordinating specialist referrals and prescription refills for uninsured community members. I've also played a key role in spearheading innovative programs like Continuous Glucose Monitoring for patients with Type II Diabetes. These experiences have honed my communication and teamwork skills, essential for providing optimal patient care.

My journey now leads me to Stanford COMET, an opportunity I'm truly excited about! Participating in Stanford COMET will allow me to immerse myself in the healthcare field, bridging theoretical knowledge with practical application. Through mentorship and hands-on experiences, I'll deepen my understanding of patient care, healthcare systems, and interdisciplinary collaboration. This fellowship equips me with the tools and networks necessary to drive meaningful change, aligning with my goal of improving healthcare accessibility and quality in underserved communities.

I can't wait to be part of Stanford COMET and connect with incredible healthcare professionals and peers!

Cami Fischmann

Hello! I am Cami Fischmann, and I am from Boulder, CO. I attended Washington and Lee (W&L) University for my undergraduate education, where I majored in Neuroscience with a minor in Poverty and Human Capabilities Studies. In my time at W&L I was a member of the women’s cross country and track and field teams, and also participated in neuroscience research on campus. I also served as Head Intern of the Burish Program at W&L, working to meet the tutoring and volunteer needs of local public schools.

During the summer before my senior year at W&L, I had the opportunity to work as a full-time intern for a non-profit medical clinic in Richmond, VA. This work not only furthered my interest in pursuing a future in medicine, but introduced me to some of the specific barriers faced by low-income populations regarding medical care. Moving forward, I hope to continue learning more about how providers can connect with their patients to help overcome these barriers. I am eager to observe how different providers effectively communicate and build relationships with their patients.

I am very excited to join Stanford’s COMET class of 2024-2025. I look forward to the opportunity to get a firsthand glimpse into the medical field, and to learn from a variety of healthcare professionals. I hope that the COMET Fellowship will introduce me to important communication skills that I will be able to apply in my future career

Ximena Guizar

Hey, my name is Ximena! I was born and raised in San Jose, CA but I currently reside in Gilroy, CA. I attended UC Merced where I earned a B.S in Human Biology with Minors in Psychology and Spanish :)

During my undergraduate degree, I was a first generation college student and pre-med student. I worked as a biology lab assistant where I helped lab technicians during the preparation of all the instructional biology lab courses at UCM. Additionally, I was a member of a volunteer club in which I will be working with a non-profit organization to provide free healthcare to underserved communities in Guatemala this summer.

I knew at an early age that I wanted to pursue a career in medicine and my life experiences growing up have since strengthened my passion for healthcare. My first introduction to the medical field was through the completion of a medical sciences/health careers course in a high school program, volunteering at a hospital, and tutoring kids in special-education. I grew up with a brother on the Autism spectrum and witnessed my grandparents from both sides of my family battle cancer. I aspire to one day represent the latino community as a physician through helping underrepresented individuals with their mental and physical health.

I enjoy going to the gym, traveling, listening to diverse music genres, watching movies/shows, and making memories with my friends and family.

It is a privilege to have been a recipient of the Broida Foundation scholarship for the Ravenswood clinic which has given me the educational opportunity to work alongside Stanford physicians. I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to shadow medical professionals in different specialties before applying to medical school in the future. I’m excited to get to know everyone in the COMET fellowship program!

Aarushi Gupta

Hi there! My name is Aarushi, and I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I recently graduated with a degree in Biological sciences and a concentration in cell and molecular biology from Cornell University in the small town of Ithaca. In my free time, I like to hike, hammock, and play frisbee.

I went in to college with no mind for medicine, just a strong love for biology and a fascination for the complex and intricate systems of the human body. Eager to see the systems I was learning about in classes come to life, I became a nursing assistant in my third year of college. I documented vitals, aided nurses in bedside procedures, and read through patient files in my free time looking up terminology and procedures I didn’t know. Through this position I saw not only the physical capabilities of medical treatment but also the mental relief that physicians can provide for their patients. My love for medicine has only grown since then and I’m excited to take the next step in my journey to medicine through the COMET fellowship.

Through COMET I hope to explore a different side of patient care, get a glimpse of what it looks like to work in various specialties, and conduct meaningful medical research. I’m very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to gaining valuable mentorship and meeting likeminded peers.

Kendrick Lai

Hi my name is Kendrick Lai from Sacramento, California. I am a graduate of Santa Clara University (Class of ‘22) where I received my B.S. in Biology. In my freetime, I love playing tennis, watching movies, and finding new food places!

My passion for medicine started early, but later evolved during my sophomore year when my mother experienced a stroke as a result of undiagnosed diabetes. This ignited my goal of helping people in need just like the healthcare professionals who helped my mother.

After graduation, I landed a research position at Stanford University in the Cardiovascular Imaging Lab where I experienced the clinical side of Radiology firsthand. I learned how to examine PACS images and actual patients reports through their electronic medical records and the types of diagnoses Radiologists make from imaging. I worked with physicians, data scientists, and data analysts to create a database of patients with acute aortic syndromes that will serve as a foundation for future research.

At Stanford, I realized that a variety of factors affect how patient care is provided, and so to further my understanding of these factors I pursued and completed my MPH at UC Davis this year. I learned that health disparities continue to exist today and my hope is to address them by implementing public health into my medical career.

I am grateful for this opportunity to become a COMET Fellow and look forward to learning valuable skills and knowledge that will help my career aspirations in medicine.

Simi Lauwers

Hi, my name is Simi, and I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with a minor in Disability Studies at Chapman University, where I was also an integral member of the women’s softball team.

As an athlete, I have dealt with and observed numerous softball injuries, which prompted me to take a sports medicine class in high school. It was this class that originally piqued my interest in medicine. My resolve to attend medical school was further strengthened by my encounters with numerous medical issues at home. Watching my young cousin suffer from the effects of kidney disease and having a grandparent who has suffered heart failure left me wanting to learn how I can help them and others battle through the medical challenges they have faced.

My exposure to the intricacies of the medical profession primarily came through my various volunteer roles. Over the last four years, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the University of California Irvine Medical Center where I was able to provide a comforting hand to patients and take on the stressful task of manning phones at the nurses’ station. I have also shadowed a gastroenterologist, which provided me with the opportunity to learn more about how doctors use their patient assessments to arrive at specific diagnoses.

One of my earliest volunteer roles was during the pandemic. I volunteered at the Mayview Community Health Center's COVID Vaccine Clinic, which gave me an opportunity to provide help to an underserved population during a time when getting everyone vaccinated against COVID was critical.

I look forward to gaining more exposure to the medical field through the COMET Fellowship and am very excited to take this exciting step on my journey to medical school.

Anna McGovern

Hi, my name is Anna! I was born and raised in Stuart, Florida. I graduated from Vanderbilt University in the spring of 2023, where I majored in Medicine, Health, and Society. Growing up along the coast, I have always loved to spend time in nature. In my free time, I love taking long walks, listening to worship music or podcasts, reading, cooking, and sharing meals around a table with my family and friends. Ever since I was young, I have been an athlete and find so much joy in movement.

During the pandemic, my interest in microbiology was sparked through books written by Dermatologists and Gastroenterologists. This curiosity led me to research the connection between nutrition and disease susceptibility through studying our microbiomes with Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Institute for Infection, Inflammation, and Immunology. My initial interest in health was sparked by my passion for nutrition and gardening, but has since evolved into a desire to incorporate a multidimensional perspective on health – body, mind and soul – into my career one day as a physician.

While at Vanderbilt, I was on the board of the community garden where I created educational materials to provide patients along with our produce donations. I was also involved in Dermatology research where I was able to apply the principles of microbiology I learned in the research lab to clinical practice and patient’s daily lives.

I have so much gratitude to be a part of the COMET class of 2024-2025. To be able to enter medical school with an experience such as this under my belt is a gift I will never take for granted. I am so excited to learn from such amazing doctors and fellow COMET scribes. This experience will be a part of me for as long as I practice medicine, building my career on a firm foundation. I am excited to learn, work, research, and serve throughout this fellowship so that I will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required to walk alongside others in the healing process one day as a physician.

Grace Medina 

Hola! My name is Grace Medina and I was born in Peru and raised in San Diego. I recently graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry and a minor in Biology. My passion for medicine started at an early age and has since developed as I grew older and gained more grasp of the medical field. I have volunteered at Jacobs hospital at UC San Diego and I am currently doing research in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis which is the agent of TB and the leading cause of death in the world. My research has allowed me to further see what goes behind hospitals when it comes to developing therapeutic treatments for new diseases. I am very grateful for both experiences as they gave me a broader understanding of medicine and the path I want to take in the future. Furthermore I seek to improve patients outcomes and be able to be a great healthcare provider for my team and patients.

Alongside my educational journey, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. I enjoy walks to the beach with my dog while listening to music. I also like to dance every now and then as well as trying new boba places.

I am so excited and humbled to become part of the COMET class of 2024-2025. I am eager to continue evolving my passion for medicine and working with you all. I am excited to contribute and become part of the team!

Irfan Mirza

Hello, my name is Irfan Mirza. I am 21 years old, and am from San Francisco. I am graduation this Fall with a BS in Physiology. My interest to pursue medicine has been there my whole life, and has really picked up steam these past few years. I am thrilled for this opportunity at COMET, because I see this as a major stepping stone into my medical dream. I believe that becoming a scribe will not only bolster my knowledge with medical terminology, but will also give my a sense on how to be a good physician. I also feel like this opportunity will help me gain connections and networks with people that will also be able to not only help me in my COMET journey, but my medical journey as well. In my free time, I like to be active, eat good food, and overall just have a good time.

Edlyn Morrow

Greetings. My name is Edlyn R. Morrow and I am a first generation American. I graduated from UC Merced with a B.S. with Honors in Human Biology and Honors in Chemistry. I was a research assistant for a biochemical research project pertaining to HIV-inhibiting silk film in Dr. LiWang’s laboratory in my undergraduate studies. My pastimes include playing chess, piano, singing, cooking, spending time with family and learning about auto mechanics.

I was raised in a multicultural family and from an early age I had to translate for my Cuban grandparents during hospital visits. Inevitability, I became aware of the socioeconomic, cultural and demographic barriers to healthcare. This fueled my desire to provide quality healthcare to underserved populations, immigrant families and refugees. Becoming a first generation physician is more than a career goal, but rather a personal responsibility to underserved diverse communities.

For the past five years, I have been part of a clinical team that offers bilingual mental health services to minorities and underserved populations in Merced. I helped to establish care for patients who experience mental health disorders and major life stressors. Currently, I am partaking in an independent research study to identify the prevalence of anxiety and depression in the outpatient mental health population of the Central Valley.

I am grateful to be a Stanford COMET fellow of 2024. I look forward to collaborating with the esteemed group of physicians and my respective fellows as we uphold the values and vision of Stanford Health Care.

Kali Myers


My name is Kali Myers. I am from the Bay area, born and raised. I recently graduated with an B.S. from San Francisco State University, majoring in Biology. Alongside studying biology, I also played basketball for the university which has been a monumental aspect of my undergraduate time.

Last summer I embarked on the process of becoming a phlebotomist. Throughout becoming certified and working in a medical setting, I have gained an immense amount of interest in being involved in the medical field. Along with this, I volunteered at a nearby hospital when I had the time. Learning about the various facets of medicine during my undergraduate years in addition to my time in clinical settings, I have become very intrigued by how integral medicine is which urges me to want to be a part of it, help others, and eventually become a physician.

Beyond this, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of the COMET fellowship team. I am looking forward to gaining further experience in a medical setting along with accumulating knowledge preparing me for my goal of attending medical school!

Arati Nagarkar

Hello! I am Arati Nagarkar. I was born in Pune, India and my family immigrated to the United States when I was seventeen. I have since obtained a MS in Computer Science and worked as a software engineer for over a decade in San Diego and the Bay Area. Outside of work, I enjoyed travelling with my family.

I have been fascinated by medicine since I was a teenager. This motivation to study health sciences was driven by taking care of my grandfather during his final years, I used to interact with doctors in the ICU who were treating him and learned to observe them closely. My interest in how doctors diagnosed diseases and analyzed treatment therapies has only increased over the years. I have worked as a scribe in Gynecologic Oncology at PAMF, where I liked studying patient charts and pointing out anomalies. I also thrive on patient interaction and delving into their medical history to map out their illness progression.

I’m looking forward to taking my journey to the next stage by getting into medicine. I believe my combined experiences as a medical student and a former software engineer will bring a unique set of skills to the role. My experience as a pre-medical student and scribe has prepared me for the rigors of this fellowship. My work as a software engineer will help navigate the cutting edge of medical technology better.

I am very happy to join the 2024-2025 Comet Fellowship. I look forward to learning and working with the medical team at Stanford.

Chetna Natarajan

Hello, my name is Chetna! I was born and raised in the Bay Area and graduated this spring from UC Irvine with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology! In my free time, I enjoy singing, dancing, baking, and going on adventures with my family and friends.

I have always known that I was going to pursue a career in healthcare. My older sister followed the path to becoming a doctor, which first sparked my interest. As I continued to explore the science field, I knew I was destined for another healthcare occupation, one deeply involved in holistic patient care.  After working with individuals on the autistic spectrum starting from high school, I knew I wanted to do hands-on work and interact directly with anyone in need of help. It was this that led me to the career field of genetic counseling. Genetic counselors help identify markers for certain diseases and counsel their patients to see if they are eligible for treatment, as well as find a way to help them cope with their situation. I care deeply about assisting others, and along with my fascination for the study of genetics, I discovered that genetic counseling is the perfect career option for me, and as such, I am hoping to pursue my master’s after the COMET fellowship program.

I am grateful to be a part of the COMET 2024-2025 cohort and I can’t wait to work alongside healthcare professionals and other fellows to learn how to interact with patients and the soft skills of how to counsel them.

Catelina Nguyen

Hello, my name is Catelina Nguyen. I grew up in the Bay Area and obtained my Associate’s degree at Foothill Community College in Biology. I moved to Los Angeles for university where I graduated with Honors and received my B.S. in Biology at UCLA. Throughout my undergraduate career, I was able to explore my interest in science and strengthen my passion in medicine. I was a committed member of the Bruin’s Fighting Pediatric Cancer club in which we raised awareness and increased funding toward pediatric cancer research. I volunteered as a Care Extender at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Hospital in which I was able to learn first-hand the day-to-day of working on the floor in the cardiothoracic unit. I also spent the entirety of summer 2023 at the University of Tokyo and was grateful to have been a part of the Goda Lab research group in which I analyzed platelet aggregation in patients with infectious disseminated intravascular coagulation. I was able to learn the ethics and procedures in clinical lab studies, and explore Japan!

My passion in medicine goes beyond the realm of science. I have witnessed the complexity of receiving affordable healthcare and advocate for more accessible healthcare for people of all backgrounds.

I am grateful to be a member of the Summer 24-25’ Cohort and am excited to create connections with the COMET community and make meaningful contributions in the healthcare field!

Oliver Ramirez

Hello, my name is Oliver Ramirez! I’m originally from Los Gatos located in the Bay Area which is 30 minutes away from Stanford’s campus. I will be graduating with a Biomedical Engineering degree on the premed Molecular/Cellular track from the University of Southern California.

I’m really passionate about serving the surrounding low-income Hispanic community by helping conduct blood pressure measurements, as well as providing fun science experiments to nearby elementary schools. A recent project that I was really proud of being involved in during March 2024 was a Health Fair that was hosted at an elementary school 20 minutes from USC’s campus, where we invited over 40 healthcare organizations to perform service for nearby families. These services consisted of Asthma clinics and blood pressure monitoring services. My favorite part was helping with translating between English and Spanish during the raffle giveaway that consisted of bikes, sports equipment, and technology to facilitate learning inside the classroom.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and being active with outdoor activities such as jogging and hiking with my younger brother and sister. With the degree and my extracurriculars, I’ve grown to enjoy doing hands-on work projects and working with children. So in the future, I would like to practice pediatric medicine by performing invasive procedures.

Alexandra Schwartz

Greetings! My name is Alexandra Schwartz and I am a Northern California native. As a graduate of the University of Southern California with a bachelor's degree in English, I have developed strong communication and critical thinking skills that I am excited to apply to my role as a medical scribe for the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic, as well as the Dental Medicine and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic.

I have always believed in making a positive impact on others' lives. Whether volunteering at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford, working as a Certified Nurse Assistant, or simply lending a helping hand to friends and family, I find fulfillment in donating my time to serving those in need.

In my leisure time, I enjoy reading novels, exploring new hiking trails around the Bay Area, playing golf, brunching with friends, experimenting with creative vegan recipes, journaling, and writing poetry. Recently, I was honored to have a poem published in the New York University's medical humanities magazine. This opportunity allowed me to explore, reflect on, and truly appreciate the humanistic dynamics that are embroidered within the field of medicine.


As I continue to pursue a career in medicine, I am confident that the COMET Fellowship will provide me with the essential skills for delivering excellent patient care. I am thankful to belong to a community that shares my passion for advancing human health and I am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead as we work together to make a positive impact on the well-being of others. 

Andrea Silva

Hello, my name is Andrea Silva, I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. I am an alumna of San Francisco State University with a major in Physiology and a minor in Chemistry. I was part of a Physiology research lab where I investigated developmental changes in tobacco hornworms. In my free time, I enjoy playing competitive volleyball, attending social events with friends, indulging in sweet treats, taking beach strolls, and relaxing with a good book at parks. Anything that will allow me to unwind and enjoy myself outside.

My path toward medicine was shaped by a culmination of factors: my personal health experience, my mission to serve vulnerable populations, and a deep sense of curiosity about how the human body functions and changes with disease. Growing up, I knew I wanted to have a career and be successful, but being a first-generation student, I didn’t know what that would look like. I was fortunate to have my older sister, who introduced me to healthcare careers and the fundamentals of being a doctor. From then on, I developed a genuine interest in learning more about the medical field and forged the path to becoming a doctor myself. Throughout high school and college, I sought out internships and leadership roles that piqued my interest, further enriching my knowledge and skillset. Working on the front lines alongside patients and communities has not only solidified my passion for this work but it’s also helped me mold myself into the kind of doctor I aspire to see in healthcare.

I am thrilled to join the COMET summer cohort of 2024. This fellowship will be an invaluable learning experience, and I’m eager to collaborate with diverse physicians and gain first-hand exposure to patient care. I aim to improve my technical skills and medical terminology while building strong connections with colleagues and faculty.

Gideon Srinivasan

Hey all, my name is Gideon! I am from San Jose, California. In May 2024, I will be graduating with a BA in Biology and Psychology with a Chemistry minor and an MA in Bioethics and Medical Humanities from Case Western Reserve University. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, reading, doing origami, and spending time with family and friends.

Early in high school, I underwent ACL surgery; being a patient made me realize that I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. So, I volunteered at my local Kaiser Permanente during high school, and went to the Philippines in the summer of 2019 with ABC’s for Global Health. At college, I continued to volunteer at a nearby hospital, and I also began doing research and shadowing doctors. This past year, I have been working towards an MA in Bioethics and Medical Humanities as part of the BA/MA program at CWRU, and it has only made me love medicine even more. Learning about the ethical and socioeconomic aspects of medicine that tend to be overlooked has expanded my horizons, and I hope that it makes me a better doctor in the future.

I’m looking forward to being a COMET scribe and learning what it means to be a great physician! This opportunity will help me greatly in my medical journey and I hope to gain invaluable experience in the hospital.

Thompson Uwanomen

Hello! My name is Thompson Uwanomen. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and recently moved to Queens, NY. One year ago, I earned a B.S in Neuroscience from Yale University. Since then, I have been scribing at Oak Street Health, a primary care center for older adults, to gain clinical experience along my journey to medical school.

My interest in medicine started at a young age when I learned about my late older brother who passed away from HIV/AIDS due to a faulty blood transfusion. Back then, the idea that we lacked a cure for the disease saddened and shocked me, and spurred my interest in research and medicine. In college, I conducted research at Columbia University and Mount Sinai, focusing on immunology and social behavior. Outside of research, I volunteered as a patient navigator at the HAVEN Free Clinic. There, I helped uninsured adults address their medical and social goals. Now, I scribe at Oak Street Health where I learn how to engage with patients, ask them questions, and teach them about medical conditions.

When I’m free, I enjoy listening to music (Afrobeats, Jazz, and Soul are my Top 3). I also love to dance! From ballet to jazz, dancing has and continues to hold a special place in my heart.

I am very grateful to join the COMET Class of 2024-2025. I look forward to meeting my peers, learning from the faculty, and joining a new healthcare team in a new community!

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