Pre Medical Students: An Overview

The preparation for a career in medicine is not intuitive. Accurate information, guidance, and strategies—all are critical to be a successful premedical student. The COEDME provides a point of access to opportunities, programs, and activities that will help guide students in their preparation for a career in a health profession. Students access higher education through a variety of pathways including community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, public and private institutions. Each of these pathways varies in quality and quantity of information and guidance relative to pursuing a health professions career. In many instances these pathways reflect more on opportunity than talent. Therefore, the goal of this website is to provide students information and opportunities that will assist them, regardless of their academic pathway, to be successful candidates.


Program Alumni Spotlight

Summer HCOP and LEAP program alumna (2012), Ivet Lolham.

After completing her undergraduate education at San Francisco State University, she applied—and was accepted to—three different pharmacy programs. She entered the University of Pacific, Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in fall of 2017.  

In her own words:
"As an immigrant, I resonate with a lot of the sociocultural barriers that prevent under-served communities from accessing their healthcare and have witnessed social health imparities in these communities. For this reason, it became my dream to diminish healthcare disparities and educate my community to prevent social health issues. Therefore, I took my first real step towards healthcare and applied to Stanford Summer Health Careers Opportunity Program."

"The [HCOP and LEAP] programs helped me overcome my fear of feeling excluded and allowed me to hone my interpersonal skills in healthcare as I built connections with the Stanford health care community and shadowed physicians at the Arbor Free Clinic. The influence and leadership skills I gained helped me become a better leader at my university."

Advice for undergraduate students who are interested in medicine:
"It is the challenge of overcoming obstacles in life that helps you grow to become a strong, hardworking individual. Never give up, stay focused, stay positive, and soon you will be able to inspire others with similar disadvantages as yours to pursue their dreams regardless of their struggles."

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