In this section, information regarding datasets that the CMR Group has made avalible to the public can be found. 


Myofiber Mobility Data

This dataset contains high resolution cDTI images at multiple cardiac phases. The *.zip file contains raw and reconstructed data for each subject and each cardiac phases in *.mat format (Matlab). A matlab script is also provided that was used to analyze the dataset, generate figures and export the results in Excel format. The link also contains the 4 segmentations done by 2 observers for the the intra-and inter–observer study as well as a script to perform this analysis.

All reconstruction/segmentation have been done using the DiffusionRecon framework repository:

Ex Vivo Porcine Heart DT MRI Data

This dataset is a collaboration between the the CMR Group at Stanford University and the Cardiac Biomechanics Lab at UCSF. The dataset comprises multiple ex vivo porcine hearts that are imaged using MRI. The datasets include high-resolution T1-weighted, T2-weighted, and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) that are all inherently coregistered.