Outreach Conferences

Coronal sections through a mouse brain illustrating the expression of Lphn2

Outreach Conferences

Biotech Leaders, Clinicians, International Representatives, and Other Non-academic Science Professionals

Organize tri-monthly or bi-annual evening seminars with drinks and snacks to exchange information, educate about various areas of non-academic science and politics, allow networking exchanges, etc. Typical invitees might be people like David Botstein or Richard Scheller from industry, Chinese or UK consul, Katja Brose or Ed McCleskey from the CZI, or local journal editors.

Annual Public Outreach Events

The format of these events is not yet  established. They could be lectures, a type of a science fair, or a popular invited outside speaker.

Mouse brain section stained for DNA (red) and exhibiting EGFP fluorescence (green) in hippocampus after bilateral stereotactic infection with an AAV (adeno-associated virus) expressing EGFP. Inserts: A dendrite covered with synapses (now red), and an electron micrograph of a synapse