The Division of Oncology is dedicated to developing multidisciplinary and lifesaving treatments for people worldwide who are affected by cancer. At the forefront of ground breaking treatments for cancer, our faculty is involved in more than 100 clinical trials to develop diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to various types of cancer.

Oncology News

  • Immune cell-based cancer diagnostics

    Stanford scientists were able to engineer immune cells known as macrophages to detect and flag cancer in mice. The researchers hope the technique can be used for early cancer diagnostics in humans.

  • Discovery could limit toxic effect of chemo

    Stanford researchers have found a way to predict who will suffer heart problems from a common breast-cancer drug, as well as identified an FDA-approved medication that could mitigate those side effects.

  • Molecular data categorizes breast cancers

    Some breast cancers return decades later. Now, a researcher at Stanford, joined by collaborators at several other institutions, has subcategorized tumors to predict recurrence, guide treatment decisions and improve drug development.

  • Urine test for bladder cancer

    The researchers found that by testing for fragments of cancer DNA in urine, they could find the cancer in early stages of development, when it’s easier to treat.

  • CAR-T cells for pediatric solid tumors

    In mouse studies, a Stanford-led team has developed an engineered immune cell that eliminates several types of childhood tumors. The innovation may help patients with relapsed or metastatic disease.

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