Neurology & Neurologic Surgery

The Department has been a center of excellence for over four decades and brings together a diverse group of highly trained and respected clinicians and scientists, including over 90 faculty members. The team investigates a wide range of topics in basic, clinical, and translational research and benefits from collaboration with leading experts in medical imaging, computer science, genomics, proteomics, stem cells, and bioengineering.


Neurology & Neurologic Surgery News

  • Repeated DNA arrays can confer psychiatric risks

    Repeated, human-specific DNA sequences are tied to an increased risk of psychiatric disorders, a Stanford study finds. It might be possible to treat the diseases with existing drugs.

  • Brain circuit tied to sociability

    Autism spectrum disorder is marked by severe social deficits. Stanford researchers were able to reverse those types of deficits in mice by activating a single brain circuit.

  • New therapy for drug-resistant epilepsy

    The FDA has approved the use of an implanted device that releases periodic electrical discharges in the brain to counteract seizures in people with epilepsy. In an interview, neurologist Robert Fisher described the technology and Stanford’s role in testing the device.

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