Family & Community Medicine

Family & Community Medicine

Stanford Family Medicine strives to engage in and promote primary care and prevention research focused on local, regional, national and international health issues. Faculty in the O'Connor Family Medicine Residency, Primary Care Associate Program, Stanford Geriatric Education Center, Stanford Family Medicine Clinic,  Area Health Education Center and others conduct research in chronic care, personalized medicine, epidemiology, ethnogeriatrics, education,  integrative medicine and community health.

Family & Community Medicine News

  • Transplant surgeon Oscar Salvatierra dies

    Oscar Salvatierra founded Stanford’s pediatric kidney transplant program, helped write the national legislation that regulates organ transplants, and conducted research in kidney transplantation.

  • Mystery novel and dream spur key insight

    On Dec. 14, 2014, after many months of not getting expected results, biochemist Jim Spudich got into bed, read a chunk of a novel, fell asleep and had a dream that would change the focus of his entire field in thinking about what causes a common and often lethal heart defect.

  • Edward Rubenstein dies at 94

    Edward Rubenstein was an internist, an educator and an investigator of varied research topics, including synchrotron medical imaging.

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