Mar 6 - Mar 10
Mon - Fri

18th Stanford Symposium on Emergency Medicine

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A Continuing Medical Education Conference

Presented by the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Stanford University School of Medicine

Sponsored by the Stanford University School of Medicine

Course Highlights

  • State-of-the-art emergency medicine and acute care CME program
  • Expert faculty who are also outstanding lecturers
  • Interactive, optional CME skills development workshops
  • Earn up to 25.75 hours of CME credit

Past Participants Have Said

"Best CME conference I have ever attended. Many thanks to the organizers"

"Every lecture or session had something that would change my practice"

"Loved it, didn’t expect so much information to take home and use on a daily basis"

"Excellent, everyone was practically funny with great videos. Good sense of humor, I was never bored at all"

"First time attending conference, outstanding lectures, can’t wait till next year"

"The speakers are very engaging and energetic which was very helpful for the lecture format"


Optional Interactive Workshops

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  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Critical Care & Ultrasound Guided Procedures
  • Pediatric Procedures & Simulations
  • Life Long Self Assessment
  • Social Media for Beginners

LLSA Workshops

Stay up-to-date on your maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements for ABEM. These workshops are designed to help you prepare and pass current LLSA testing requirements. One workshop will guide you in acquiring the knowledge required to pass the 2016 LLSA examination. The second workshop will focus on preparation for passing the Patient Safety LLSA (PS-LLSA). Additional CME credit may be obtained at the time you take each test through ABEM.

Faculty: Donald Schreiber, MDCM

Pediatric Critical Care Simulations

All emergency practitioners must be prepared to manage critically ill children. Using advanced simulation teaching, this workshop will present challenging cases to the participant, in order to experience the evaluation and management of critically ill and injured children. Expert faculty will lead debriefing sessions focusing on pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management decisions.

Faculty: Bernard Dannenberg, MD; N. Ewen Wang, MD; Kajal Khanna, MD; Daniel Imler, MD

Emergency Diagnostic Bedside Ultrasound

It’s not just the FAST exam anymore. We are offering 3 different bedside ultrasound workshops; select which diagnostic ultrasound techniques you wish to focus on. The first workshop will focus on diagnostic critical care, including eFAST, echocardiography, lung and IVC. The second workshop will teach diagnostic abdominal exams including: renal, aorta, gall bladder, and pregnancy. The third will concentrate on ocular ultrasound, as well as diagnosis of soft tissue pathology and DVTs. Each workshop will allow the participant to practice obtaining images and interpret findings.

Faculty: Viveta Lobo, MD; Laleh Gharahbaghian, MD; Sarah Williams, MD; Nikita Joshi, MD

Social Media for Beginners: Improving Medical Knowledge and Communications

Social media is becoming an increasingly relevant form of communication. This workshop will introduce you to cutting edge tools that can be used in your everyday practice. Learn which apps will help keep you up-to-date with scientific discoveries, as well as communicate effectively with colleagues and patients.

Faculty: Nikita Joshi, MD

Pediatric Critical Care Procedures

Sick children present special stressors to the practitioner. We are offering two different, hands-on workshops for pediatric critical care procedures. The first will focus on airway and breathing procedures, including high-risk intubation with adjuncts, cricothyrotomy, jet insufflation, and supraglottic airway insertion. The second will be a circulation and sepsis workshop, including difficult vascular access, hypodermoclysis, intraosseous infusion, and lumbar puncture, among others..

Faculty: Bernard Dannenberg, MD; N. Ewen Wang, MD; Kajal Khanna, MD; Daniel Imler, MD

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Conference Team

Paul Auerbach

Wilderness Medicine for the Family*
- Paul Auerbach, MD, MS

Sunday, March 5th @ 6:00 PM

*optional, non-cme session

Mel Herbert

EM:RAP Family Event - This Won't Hurt a Bit Story Hour*
Mel Herbert, MD, MBBS; Rob Orman, MD; Jessica Mason, MD

Monday, March 6th @ 6:00 PM

*optional, non-CME session

S.V. Mahadevan and Matt Strehlow

International Emergency Medicine*
- S.V. Mahadevan, MD; Matthew Strehlow, MD

Tuesday, March 7th @ 6:00 PM

*optional, non-CME session

Rebecca Smith-Coggins

Wellness in Emergency Medicine*
- Rebecca Smith-Coggins, MD

Thursday, March 9th @ 6:00 PM

*optional, non-CME session