May 28 - May 29
Thu - Fri
or August 20-21, 2015

Emergency Medicine Maintenance of Certification Simulation Course

Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge, Stanford, CA



This CME course seeks to fulfill the need in the practicing emergency medicine community to increase and improve medical knowledge as well as procedural skillset and patient acuity in high risk, low frequency scenarios; airway, cardiovascular, trauma, international/travel, wilderness/environmental, disaster, and ultrasound emergencies. 

The course will include immersive simulated scenarios and case-based workshops complemented by part task trainers and debriefed by emergency experts. Physicians certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine may satisfy one current Assessment of Practice Performance requirement by completing this activity.


This course is designed to meet the educational needs of national Emergency Medicine physicians.


  • Assess, prioritize and perform interventions on critically ill patients for:
    • Acute upper airway disorders including addressing immediate airway deterioration
    • Cardiovascular disorders including obtaining access by using methods other than peripheral IV
    • Traumatic disorders including injuries requiring emergency stabilization
    • Internationally acquired systemic infectious disorders acquired during travel
  • Develop strategies to assess, diagnose and treat critically ill patients:
    • With wilderness and environmental disorders including resuscitation of severe environmental injuries
    • Who have been victims of disasters or mass casualty incidents including triage and initial emergency stabilization
  • Develop strategies to assess, diagnose and treat critically ill patients with disorders requiring bedside emergency ultrasound intervention

Conference Contact

Assistant Director, Development Events, Office of Development

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