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Innovative practice: We strive to highlight innovative approaches to technology, online learning, and interprofessional education.

Global impact: We strive to provide a meaningful learning experience to a global audience across the spectrum of healthcare professions.

Embracing diversity: We strive to include diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences.

Connection & collaboration: We strive to facilitate connections and collaborations.

Fun & engaging: We strive to engage our community in developing and delivering fun and interactive sessions for attendees.

Transformative experiences: We strive to create unique, transformative experiences.

Affordability & flexibility: We strive to offer a professional development opportunity that an entire organization can afford and can access in the future on-demand.

Continuous improvement: We strive to continually enhance aspects of the conference, incorporating feedback from colleagues.

Lifelong learning: We strive to produce a conference that will enhance attendees’ professional and personal growth.

CME Live Chairs

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Kurt Snyder, JD
Chair, CME Live 2020
Director of Continuing Medical Education

Jayzona Alberto, EdD, MS
Vice Chair, CME Live 2020
Education Design and Assessment Associate, Continuing Medical Education