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Long Term Effects On Recipients of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

This project allows for the systematic collection and analysis of long-term follow-up clinical parameters in children who have received a stem cell transplant. The data collected will assist in determining appropriate intervention and treatment plans for patients enrolled on this study. In addition, future patients may benefit by having the ability to anticipate problems and develop methods of prevention or early intervention.

Stanford is now accepting new patients for this trial.


Phase: N/A


Ages Eligible For Study:

N/A - 18 Years

Inclusion Criteria

1. Children up to 18 years old at the time of enrollment. 2. Status post stem cell transplantation after hospital discharge from transplant. 3. Confirmation for participation through check marks on the written informed consent from the subject (as applicable) AND/OR participant's parent/legally authorized representative prior using data for research purposes

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