FILTER - Filter Initial & Long Term Evaluation After Placement and Retrieval (Including Laser-Assisted Retrieval) Registry

A data registry for all patients who undergo IVC (Inferior Vena Cava) filter placement or retrieval at Stanford. Potential enrollees will already be undergoing the procedure. If patients are willing, they will be prospectively enrolled prior to the procedure. As part of the study, chart and clinical data reviews will be used to track patient progress and response to the treatment.

Stanford is now accepting new patients for this trial. Please contact William Kuo at 650-724-7362 for more information.



  • procedure : IVC Filter Placement/Retrieval

Phase: N/A


Ages Eligible For Study:

N/A - N/A

Inclusion Criteria

- Participants are adults, 18 years old or older - Participants will be undergoing a procedure to have an IVC filter placed or removed

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William Kuo 650-724-7362

Stanford University School of Medicine 300 Pasteur Drive Stanford, CA 94305

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