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A Phase II/III Randomized, Multicenter Trial Comparing Sirolimus Plus Prednisone and Sirolimus/Calcineurin Inhibitor Plus Prednisone for the Treatment of Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease (BMT CTN Protocol #0801)

This study is designed as a combined Phase II/III, randomized, open label, multicenter, prospective comparative study of sirolimus plus prednisone versus sirolimus/calcineurin-inhibitor plus prednisone for the treatment of chronic GVHD. Patients will be stratified by transplant center and will be randomized to an experimental arm of one of the two pre-specified experimental arms (sirolimus + prednisone or the comparator arm of sirolimus + calcineurin inhibitor + prednisone) in a 1:1 ratio.

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  • drug : Sirolimus + prednisone
  • drug : Sirolimus + calcineurin inhibitor + prednisone

Phase: Phase 2/Phase 3


Ages Eligible For Study:

N/A - N/A

Inclusion Criteria

- Suitable candidates are patients with classic chronic GVHD or overlap syndrome (classic chronic plus acute GVHD)that is: a)Previously untreated (newly diagnosed) as defined by having received < 14 days of prednisone (or equivalent) before enrollment/randomization to study therapy; b)Previously treated but inadequately responding after ? 16 weeks of initial therapy with prednisone and/or calcineurin inhibitor (CNI) additional non-sirolimus agent (started at the time of chronic GVHD diagnosis). - Patient or guardian willing and able to provide informed consent. - Stated willingness to use contraception in women of childbearing potential. - Stated willingness of patient to comply with study procedures and reporting requirements.

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