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Risk Factors and Molecular Genomics for Hepatolcellular Carcinoma in U.S. Patients With Chronic Liver Disease: A Case Control Study

To identify risk factors for the development and diagnosis of hepatocellular CA in patients with chronic hepatitis C and to use the data to ultimately develop an effective screening program.

Stanford is not currently accepting new patients for this trial. You may want to check to see if other locations are recruiting.


Phase: N/A


Ages Eligible For Study:

18 Years - N/A

Inclusion Criteria

*For both experimental subjects and controls: 1. Patients between older than 18 years of age of all ethnic backgrounds and genders. 2. Patients with chronic liver disease For Experimental Subjects Only: 1. Patients with HCC with either: (i) a hepatic mass larger or equal to 5cm, or; (ii) a hepatic mass lesion confirmed by fine needle aspirate (FNA) or by pathology in the cases of surgical resection, or; (iii) a hepatic mass lesion with characteristic CT or MRI or angiographic appearance. For Controls Only: Patients with chronic liver disease without evidence of HCC confirmed by either : 1. a normal AFP level 2. a negative imaging study (ultrasound, CT, or MR imaging). 3. Negative liver cancer on explants.

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