Visiting MD/DO Student Eligibility Requirements

Stanford students have scheduling priority for all available clerkships. Visiting students will be considered for elective clerkships during each quarter's application acceptance period.  Note that eligiblity requirements are subject to change without notice. Eligibility is currently based on the following:

  1. Payment received for the non-refundable $200 application fee. Instructions for paying the fee will be sent via email after an application is received.
  2. The student must be in good academic standing and, at the time of the elective clerkship, will be registered in their 4th or final year in an MD or DO degree program at a school accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education or Education Department of the American Osteopathic Association.
  3. The student must be covered by malpractice/liability insurance at a minimum level of $1,000,000 primary/$3,000,000 aggregate by the home school. Supplemental insurance will be required if the minimum coverage is not met.
  4. The student must be covered by personal health insurance during the time they will be participating in the elective clerkship.
  5. The student has completed core clinical clerkships in MedicinePediatrics, and Surgery.
  6. The student has passed Step 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination or the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners certifying exam.
  7. The student has completed training for HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, and OSHA Safety within the past 12 months and has been certified for Basic Life Suport and/or Advanced Cardiac Life Support within the past 2 years.
  8. The student has passed a criminal background check within the past 2 years.
  9. The student has passed a Respiratory Mask Fit Test/Certification within 12 months from the time they will be participating in the elective clerkship. The test includes a measurement for mask size. Stanford University Hospital and Clinics stock 3M 1860 or 1860S type N95 disposable respirators.
  10. Proof of required immunizations and tests:
    1. Positive rubella titer or evidence of 2 MMR vaccines
    2. Positive mumps titer or evidence of 2 MMR vaccines
    3. Positive measles titer or evidence of 2 MMR vaccines
    4. Positive Varicella (Chicken Pox) titer or evidence of 2 Varicella vaccines given 4 to 8 weeks apart
    5. Positive Hepatitis B titer or evidence of 3 Hepatitis B vaccines
    6. Tdap vaccine (Tetanus+Diptheria+Pertussis) no later than 10 years from the time of the elective clerkship
    7. Flu vaccine within the past 12 months
    8. Tuberculin status:
      1. Persons with a history of negative PPD tests must provide documentation of a PPD test or provide results from a QuantiFERON test that was completed no later than 12 months from the last day of the desired elective clerkship. Period 10: 4/24/21 or later, Period 11: 5/22/21 or later, Period 12: 6/19/21 or later
      2. Persons with a history of a positive PPD must provide documentation of a chest x-ray and a review of symptoms within the past 12 months. If chest x-ray is abnormal, clinician clearance must be provided.
    9. Fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (including booster)
  11. If the student will be participating in a clerkship that takes place at a Veterans Administration (VA) hospital site, the student will be required to comply with the following requirements set by the VA:
    1. Evidence or self-certification that they are physically and mentally fit to perform the essential functions of the training program; 
    2. Evidence or self-certification of up-to-date vaccinations for healthcare workers as recommended by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and VA
    3. Evidence of tuberculosis screening and testing per CDC health care personnel guidelines
    4. Identification documents to meet VA security requirements
    5. Results of screening against the Health and Human Services’ List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE)
    6. Trainees who were born male and who are US citizens, immigrants to the US, or are otherwise required by law to register, have registered with the Selective Service System
    7. Trainees who are non-US citizens:  
      1. Have current immigrant, non-immigrant, exchange visitor or other documentation stating that they are eligible to live and work in the US
        1. Appropriate documents can be provided and could include permanent resident card, employment authorization document Form I-766, visas: J-1, J‑2, H-1B, H-4, E-3, or DS-2019
        2. Have been issued a US social security number