Arriving Visiting Medical Students

Set Up Your Stanford University Network (SUNet) ID

The SUNet ID is a unique 3-8 character account name that identifies you as a member of the Stanford community. To set up your SUNet ID, you will need your Stanford University ID number (the eight digit number provided by the Clerkship Office; you do not need to enter the leading “VS”.)

You will need a SUNet ID in order to:

  • Pay your Stanford bill
  • Access the wireless network
  • Access your Stanford email account

Request Hospital Computer Access for SHC and LPCH

You will receive an email from the Office of Medical Student Affairs (OMSA) approximately four weeks prior to the start date of your clerkship. The email will provide instructions for initiating a request for access to patient records  for SHC and/or LPCH ONLY; the process is different for other locations. The process for acquiring EPIC access can take two weeks to be completed.

Check with your departmental Clerkship Coordinator in advance to confirm if you will need computer access to SHC and/or LPCH patient data.

Obtain Medical Center Photo ID Badge

You may obtain your medical center photo ID as early as two business days before your clerskship start date. OMSA will provide your information to the Photo ID team before your arrival on campus. When you go to the ID office you should say you are a visiting medical student and that you are on the list provided by Student Affairs. Carry the photo ID with you at all times while working in the hospital.

The Photo ID office is located on the ground floor (basement level) of the West Pavilion at B06, room H0258C. Their hours are 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday - Friday. They are closed on major holidays. Bring a government-issued photo ID with you to verify your identity.

Many clerkships have time set aside on the first day for the group to get hospital photo IDs. Check your orientation schedule and follow up with your coordinator to determine the best time for you to pick up your badge.

You must return your photo ID to the Photo ID office at the conclusion of your rotation.

Obtain Stanford University Student ID (optional)

You may obtain a Campus Card (different from the hospital ID described above) in order to use libraries, exercise facilities, on campus housing, and more. As a visiting medical student, you will need to have your photo taken and pick up your card at the ID Card Office at Tresidder Union, 2nd floor. Please DO NOT submit your photo via the website. For more infomation, visit the Campus Card Services site.

Scrub Training

If your clerkship will require you to scrub in on cases, you will need to complete a Scrub and Sterile Procedure Training with a knowledge and skills assessment to proficiency prior to being allowed entry/participation in the operating room(s). You will receive this letter that outlines the process 1 - 2 weeks before your rotation begins. If you have any questions, please contact the individuals listed in the letter.

The scrub training team will assess and support students in the following programs:

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Interventional radiology
Operative dermatology

Bloodborne Pathogen Protocol Numbers and Report Exposure Information

Print and keep this with your Medical Center Photo ID badge. In the event you are exposed to bloodborne pathogens and/or needle sticks while you are working within the hospital, these are the protocol phone numbers and exposure information.