SCORE Program - How to Apply

Click the button below (Go to secure application form) to begin your online application. You can save your online application and access it any time up until you are ready to submit. Note that SlideRoom will waive the $200 standard application fee at application submittal.

The online application via SlideRoom provides all the information required for department reviewers to evaluate your application. There are specific links within the portal which allow you to inform your recommenders to submit their letters of recommendation on your behalf.

Please only apply to the program that you are hoping to Match. The intent of SCORE is for the student to perform the away rotation in the field they plan to apply for Residency.

Required Materials

All required materials are built into the online application portal. This list is provided for your information only:

  • Completed online application
  • Dean's Statement Form
  • Personal Statement (describe how you believe your background and experience would contribute to diversity, Include why you want to rotate with the particular department)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Official medical school transcript

SCORE application submittals and reviews are performed online. Do not mail a hard copy.

Some applicants choose to apply for the SCORE Program as well as apply for the standard visiting clerkship program. These are 2 different applications. If this is your choice, access the Stanford School of Medicine Visiting Clerkships webpage and follow the links to submit your application to the Visiting Clerkship. Note that the standard visiting clerkship requirements are different from SCORE. If you have any questions about standard visiting clerkships, please send an email to:

VA Hospital Site Specific Requirements:

If the student will be participating in a clerkship that takes place at a Veterans Administration (VA) hospital site, the student will be required to comply with the following requirements set by the VA:

  1. Evidence or self-certification that they are physically and mentally fit to perform the essential functions of the training program; 
  2. Evidence or self-certification of up-to-date vaccinations for healthcare workers as recommended by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and VA
  3. Evidence of tuberculosis screening and testing per CDC health care personnel guidelines
  4. Identification documents to meet VA security requirements
  5. Results of screening against the Health and Human Services’ List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE)
  6. Trainees who were born male and who are US citizens, immigrants to the US, or are otherwise required by law to register, have registered with the Selective Service System
  7. Trainees who are non-US citizens:  
  • Have current immigrant, non-immigrant, exchange visitor or other documentation stating that they are eligible to live and work in the US
  • Appropriate documents can be provided and could include permanent resident card, employment authorization document Form I-766, visas: J-1, J‑2, H-1B, H-4, E-3, or DS-2019
  • Have been issued a US social security number





Have questions about the SCORE Program?

Please send email to