IVS Program - Post Acceptance Activities

The required documents listed below are not initially requested as part of the IVS Program application process. These documents are requested only after you have received official notification that you have been accepted and scheduled into the IVS Program in an elective clerkship. 

  1. Immunizations: proof of required completed immunizations. Use the Vaden Health Center Immunization Form to provide your information, including copies of lab reports when instructed.  Expiration dates on some immunizations may apply.
    1. Positive rubella titer or evidence of 2 MMR vaccines;
    2. Positive mumps titer or evidence of 2 MMR vaccines
    3. Positive measles titer or evidence of 2 MMR vaccines
    4. Positive Varicella (Chicken Pox) titer or evidence of 2 Varicella vaccines given 4 to 8 weeks apart
    5. Positive Hepatitis B titer or evidence of 3 Hepatitis B Vaccines
    6. Tdap vaccine (Tetanus+Diptheria+Whooping Cough)
    7. Flu vaccine (required during official U.S. flu season)
    8. Tuberculin status: specific tests are required, a time limit applies, and the location of where X-Rays are performed applies. Carefully read the Vaden Health Center Tuberculosis (TB) Testing/Clearance Instructions.
    9. Completion of COVID-19 vaccinations plus booster
  2. Respiratory Mask Fit Certification: per the MD Program Student Handbook, section 3.26, “All medical students (MD & MSPA) are required to be fit tested for a N95 respirator mask on an annual basis.” Upon admission to the program, students must complete and submit documentation of 1) medical evaluation / clearance, 2) respiratory protection training, and 3) fit testing to specifically obtain N95 respirator use approval. For questions, contact the IVS Program office or the Stanford University Occupational Health Center.
  3. Professional Liability and Malpractice Insurance: the student must be covered by professional liability and malpractice insurance at a level of at least $1,000,000 primary/$3,000,000 aggregate. Students are required to provide a Certificate of Coverage indicating provided limits and effective dates of coverage. The document must be in effect for the period of the requested elective clerkship. A sample list of Professional Insurance Companies international students have used in the past is provided below. Please note that some of the companies may be specific to the students’ home school. Stanford Medicine is not affiliated with the companies. The list is provided as a resource, as needed. You can use any company of your choosing.
    1. Academic Medical Professionals Insurance Risk Retention Group, LLC
    2. Marsh
    3. MDU Services Limited
    4. Willis Towers Watson Insurance
  4. Health Care Insurance Coverage: Stanford holds students' health in high regard. You may want to consult the Community for Accredited Online Schools' Understanding Health Insurance for College Students article for an overview on U.S. health insurance options. A sample list of companies that have provided coverage for IVS Program students in the past is provided below. Stanford Medicine is not affiliated with the companies. The list is provided as a resource, as needed. You can use any company of your choosing.
    1. PSI Insurance
    2. ISO Insurance
    3. Tokio Marine
    4. Hanse Merkur

Student will acknowledge the following requirements:

  1. Must obtain their own required travel documentation, e.g. passport and visa, for entry into the United States
  2. Must secure their own housing
  3. Will be required to complete the Stanford University Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training