Visiting IVS Student Application Process

International MD students must be officially registered as a student at their home medical school to be eligible to apply for participation in a Stanford University School of Medicine elective clerkship. IVS Applicants must be in their final year of medical school during the period when they are enrolled in an elective clerkship at Stanford Medicine. If you already hold an MD degree or its equivalent, you are not eligible to apply to the IVS program.

All clerkships are scheduled by the School of Medicine (SOM) Registrar's Office. Since Stanford medical students have priority to take elective clerkships that are open to visitors, visiting students are only scheduled during a specified time each quarter.

IVS Application & Scheduling Process:

  • IVS prospective applicant submits online application for review
  • Elective clerkship reviews and approves or rejects application
  • Approved applications are forwarded to SOM Registrar's Office to be scheduled if there is an available rotation spot


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Send email to if there are any questions about the application process.