How To Apply

All students applying must use the Visiting Clerkship Application Form and Dean’s Statement FormYour application will not be considered complete until all of the required documentation is received. The following summary will help ensure that you do not forget anything during the application process.


Application Acceptance
Period & Deadline

Notified by Email

Summer (Periods 1, 2, 3, 4)

April 1 - April 30

May 15

Autumn (Periods 5, 6,7, 8)

July 1 - July 31

August 15

Winter (Periods 9, 10, 11, 12)

October 1 - October 31

November 16

Spring (Periods 13, 14, 15, 16)

January 1 - January 31

February 15


Students are scheduled on a first come first served basis, based on the completion date of their file. If all required materials are received, your application will be considered complete as of the postmark date on your package. Students are notified regarding the status of their application, by email, as applications are received by the Clerkship Office. Review list of clerkships requiring approval from clerkship directors before student can submit an application. Request pre-approval, as required.

4. Visiting students who wish to apply to any clerkships in the Department of Medicine (clerkships that start with MED) must fill out the Department of Medicine Application Form. Please email your completed form to Nancy D'Amico at for pre-clearence before submitting your visiting clerkship application form and other supporting documents to the Clerkship Office.

5. Complete the standard Visiting Clerkship Application Form, including form and dean's statement. The application form must be received by the application deadline. Please complete the form and list your clerkship choices in order of preference, including which period you prefer for each elective.

  • Print the application form.
  • Do not send in more than one copy of the application form for each quarter. Any clerkship preference changes should be made by sending us an e-mail instead.

6. Gather the following supporting documentation.
Print the Dean's Statement Form, and then have it completed and signed by your Dean/ Registrar’s Office.

  • Provide a letter or a copy of your mask fit certification to show that you have successfully passed the Respiratory Mask Fit Test.
  • Provide a copy of the records/dates of the following required immunizations: Rubella, Mumps, Measles, Varicella, Hepatitis B, Tdap, Flu and Tuberculosis. (Can be obtained from your school’s health office or your primary physician.)

7. Done!
Mail the following items to the address below:

  1. Application Checklist (Link on the top right corner)
  2. $200 non-refundable Check payable to Stanford University
  3. Application Form
  4. Dean's Statement Form
  5. Respiratory Mask Fit Test proof
  6. Proof of immunizations 

    Clerkship Office 
    Office of Medical Student Affairs
    Stanford University School of Medicine 
    1265 Welch Road, MSOB Room X1C48
    Stanford, CA 94305-5404


Need Help?

If you have concerns which have not been clarified, you may send an e-mail to Ray Jackman at

Due to the large volume of applications, please expect to wait at least one week to be notified (by email) that we have received your application. Note: We do not accept applications by fax or email.