Our Lab focuses on…

  • understanding sleep-wake control and biological rhythms at all levels from the molecular to the behavioral
  • developing new generations of pharmaceuticals to remedy the unmet needs in sleep disorders medicine


We have developed a number of model systems and special resources for research and testing, including…

  • A large scale sleep-wake and circadian rhythm bioassay facility, with automated data tracking and analysis and a MPEG video monitoring system synchronized with EEG signals.
  •  Unique animal model systems: narcoleptic rodent colony for testing alerting pharmacological agents, other genetically engineered mouse models, such as a murine model of human short sleeper (i.e., DEC2-P385R TG mice)
  •  Pharmacology experiments in sleep-deprived animals
  • In vivo microdialysis and a HPLC analysis system with concurrent sleep monitoring for neurotransmitter and regional drug delivery studies.
  • Neurochemical assessments such as radio receptor bindings/gamma GTP- binding and radio/enzyme-immunoassays.