Past Fellows

2014 - 2016 Inaugural Fellows in Clinical Informatics

Funded with generous support from an unrestricted grant from Hewlett Packard.

Lance Downing, MD

A Bay Area native, Dr. Downing attended Rhodes College and majored in economics before returning to work in enterprise software. Drawn to the humanistic ideals of medicine, Lance then traveled to the midwest to attend medical school at Case Western University, returning to Palo Alto as a resident in Internal Medicine at Stanford. As a Clinical Informatics fellow, he worked to improve healthcare in an era of medicine increasingly interconnected with healthcare information systems. He is now on faculty at Stanford, and serves as a Medical Informatics Director, and Medical Director of the Clinical Effectiveness Research Center.

Veena Goel Jones, MD

Veena was born and raised in Canada, attended medical school in Arizona, and completed Pediatrics residency at Stanford in 2013. In July 2013, she became the first fellow in Pediatric Hospital Medicine (PHM) at Stanford. Her Clinical Informatics scholarship focused on improving bedside monitor alarm fatigue, a Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal. After fellowship, she joined Sutter Heath, where she works clinically as a pediatric hospitalist, and has an administrative role as Medical Director of Digital Patient Experience.

2015 - 2017 Fellows in Clinical Informatics

Funded with generous support from an unrestricted grant from Hewlett Packard and the Stanford Departments of Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Surgery.

Yumi DiAngi, MD

Yumi trained in Internal Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania then worked for five years in an outpatient practice in a federally designated medically underserved area in northwestern Pennsylvania. During Clinical Informatics fellowship, she worked to improve provider EHR efficiency and satisfaction. After fellowship, she joined the Primary Care Clinical Innovation team at Sutter Health/Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

Yaniv Kerem, MD

After medical school at Loyola University, Yaniv trained in Emergency Medicine at the University of Chicago. As Resident Director for Clinical Informatics, he worked closely with the hospital’s EHR team to improve physician workflow and efficiency. During fellowship, he worked to integrate mobile technology into clinical workflows. He is now on the Health team at Apple.

2016 - 2018 Fellows in Clinical Informatics

Funded with generous support from an unrestricted grant from Hewlett Packard and the Stanford Department of Medicine.

Richard Medford, MD

After medical school in Philadelphia, Richard returned to his home province of Ontario for residency in Internal Medicine at Queen's University and fellowship in Infectious Diseases at the University of Ottawa. His interest in Clinical Informatics first arose during the 2003 SARS outbreak in Toronto, and he helped develop a clinical database to facilitate patient screening for SARS-like symptoms. He also developed a mobile application to help support antimicrobial stewardship. After Clinical Informatics fellowship, he accepted a dual-role in informatics and infectious disease at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Chethan Sarabu, MD

Chethan attended Cornell University and majored in Landscape Architecture and Biology, exploring the interaction of urban design and health. He applied these skills as a user interface designer and researcher at the Cornell interaction design lab. During Pediatrics residency at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson he served as a member of the physician advisory committee to the EHR. During fellowship, Chethan worked to promote patient centered care through initiatives such as OpenNotes. He joined as Director of Clinical Informatics after fellowship.

2017 - 2019 Fellow in Clinical Informatics

Funded with generous support from the Stanford Department of Medicine.

Ron Li, MD

Ron went to college and medical school in Chicago at Northwestern, and completed a clinical epidemiology research fellowship at Penn before coming to Stanford for Internal Medicine training. During CI fellowship, Ron's informatics interests were to create, implement, and evaluate tools that help us become better physicians and build a learning healthcare system of the future. He accepted a faculty position at Stanford including the role of Medical Director of Human Centered AI.

2018 - 2020 Fellow in Clinical Informatics

Funded with generous support from an unrestricted grant from Hewlett Packard.

Keith Morse, MD, MBA

Prior to attending medical school in Philadelphia, Keith worked as a SAS programmer analyzing Medicare claims data for the federal government. He completed Pediatric residency at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. During CI fellowship, his research focused on deployment of machine learning models into the EHR to predict patient outcomes. He accepted a faculty position at Stanford where he will work to translate AI algorithms into the clinical setting at Stanford Children's Health.

2019 - 2021 Fellows in Clinical Informatics

Funded with generous support from an unrestricted grant from Hewlett Packard and by the Stanford Department of Medicine.

Wui Ip, MD

Wui grew up in Macau, China, went to medical school at Harvard, and completed Pediatric residency at UCSF. His past research areas include computational genomics and mathematical modeling of infectious disease. Prior to fellowship he practiced as a pediatric hospitalist at Sutter Health CPMC where he developed a strong interest in clinical informatics. In particular, he is interested in applying analytics and clinical decision support tools to improve patient care. After fellowship, Wui joined nference as Medical Director of Healthcare Data to develop machine learning models to drive clinical insights. He also serves as a part-time clinical faculty at at Stanford. 

Birju Patel, MD MPH

Birju attended Johns Hopkins for his medical and public health degrees and has experiencein management consulting, design thinking, and quality improvement. After completing residency in Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern, he practiced as a hospitalist at Kaiser Permanente in Orange County. His focus in informatics is to reimagine the physician experience with the electronic medical record. He hopes to design better ontologies and workflows that will facilitate clinical reasoning and make documentation more efficient. After fellowship, Birju joined Google as a Clinical Specialist with Google Health where he works on building technologies that assist clinicians and patients in making better healthcare decisions.

2020 - 2022 Clinical Informatics Fellows

Funded with generous support from an unrestricted grant from Hewlett Packard, and by the Stanford Departments of Emergency Medicine, Medicine, and Pediatrics.

Dev Dash, MD MPH

Dev grew up in Montreal, Canada, and received his MD from Baylor College of Medicine. He earned a Master's in Public Health from Harvard University School of Public Health. He has a significant quantitative sciences background (physics, epidemiology) and he initially began residency in neurosurgery but switched to Emergency Medicine to incorporate computer aided diagnostics. He currently is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine and works on evaluating ML models for deployment as well as various computer vision and large language model projects at Stanford.

Drew Bedgood, MD

Drew received his BS in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University and completed his medical degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He completed his residency in Pediatrics at UCLA. He has a special focus on patient data sharing, the regulatory complexities of clinical informatics, and using AI models to protect patient confidentiality. After fellowship, Drew has accepted a position with the California Department of Public Health as a physician informaticist.

Oluseyi "Seyi" Fayanju, MD

Originally from northern New Jersey, Seyi received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Harvard College and earned master's degrees from Harvard and Columbia. He worked for several years in the corporate sector and at the Environmental Defense Fund before earning his medical degree at the University of Chicago. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of North Carolina. After fellowship, Seyi accepted a faculty position at Stanford, where he also serves as Medical Director for the Stanford Emerging Apps Lab (SEAL).

Arjun Gokhale, MD

Arjun worked as a project manager implementing EHRs for Epic Systems prior to medical school and Internal Medicine residency. He is interested in making clinical data meaningful and actionable at the patient, provider and population levels. In fellowship, his work focused on developing a pipeline to utilize institutional data to inform hospital medicine guideline generation and workflow redesign of the patient-provider assignment process. He now works at Humana as a Medical Director of Clinical Informatics where he provides clinical analytic insight into identifying opportunities for improving member health outcomes and developing a shared enterprise-wide understanding of clinical concepts through ontology management. He additionally serves as a mentor to health care startups through Cornell Tech in NYC and Matter Health in Chicago.   

Combined Fellows in Clinical Informatics

Sanaa Suharwardy, MD (2017-2021)

Sanaa attended UCLA for undergrad where she majored in Economics, then attended WashU in St. Louis for Medical School. She was an Obstetrics and Gynecology resident at Stanford, and is now a combined fellow in Clinical Informatics and Maternal-Fetal Medicine. She recognizes the special informatics needs of Obstetrics and Gynecology and its subspecialties, and aspires to become a leader in obstetrics informatics.  Sanaa has accepted a faculty position at Stanford.

Amrita Sinha, MD (2018-2022)

Amrita’s academic journey began in India, where she was born, raised and went to medical school. She completed her Pediatric residency in Cleveland and continued her taining in California as a Pediatric Critical Care fellow at Stanford. Amrita is currently working as a pediatric medical ICU physician and clinical informaticist at Boston Children's Hospital. Her areas of focus include provider efficiency and wellness, clinical decision support, and health information exchange. Her aim is to empower healthcare providers with timely clinical decision support, ease their EHR burden and ultimately improve patient outcomes. She is enjoying her first winter in Boston and slowly getting to explore the New England area.