Patient Care

For Emergencies or Urgent Health Concerns

  • If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.
  • For medical questions:

Stanford Infectious Diseases Clinic

 (650) 736-5200



Established Patients

General information and instruction:

Instructions for Current Stanford Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients of Dr. Jose Montoya


Primary Care Physicians

It is important to have a primary care physician who can assist you with your medical needs and questions. If you do not have a Primary Care Physician, Dr. Montoya will not be able to serve as your Infectious Diseases consultant as he is not equipped to assist with your primary care or urgent needs. Additionally, please make sure that your primary care physician handles claims for disability.

If you would like more information regarding primary care providers at Stanford Hospital and Clinic, please visit the Stanford Internal Medicine website.


Dr. Montoya’s ME/CFS Research Team

  • The members of Dr. Montoya’s ME/CFS Research Team are Stanford University employees, not clinic staff.  The research coordinator and research assistant are not responsible for handling issues pertaining to patient care.
  • The purpose of the Research Team’s involvement in Dr. Montoya’s clinic is threefold:
    • To enhance the quality of CFS research conducted through patient interaction
    • To assist with Dr. Montoya’s workload in the CFS clinic
    • To help expedite the process of responding to CFS patients’ questions.
  • Questions regarding prescriptions and insurance coverage should always be directed to the clinic, as the Research Team is not equipped to handle these issues.
  • Urgent medical questions should always be directed to the clinic.


Prescription Refills

  • To ensure that you do not run out of medication, your pharmacy must submit a refill request to the Infectious Disease clinic at least one month in advance. If your request is not received at least one month in advance, we cannot guarantee that your prescription will be refilled in time.
  • Please make sure your pharmacy has the new fax for refill requests: (650) 736-0513
  • You can call the clinic at (650) 736-5200 to check that they received your refill request and to follow up on the status of the refill.  

Stanford Hoover Clinic (Mondays)

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Hoover Pavilion, 2nd Floor

211 Quarry Road
Palo Alto CA, 94304
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Stanford Positive Care Clinic – Atherton

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Stanford Positive Care Clinic

3351 El Camino Real, Suite 225
Atherton CA, 94027
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Appointment Information

Scheduling Appointments

  • ME/CFS treatment and follow up is a long-term process. Therefore, Dr. Montoya requests to see patients for follow up visits every 6-12 months.
  • If you would like to have a follow up appointment with Dr. Montoya, it is crucial that you make a future appointment at check out.
  • As one of the only doctors in the area who treats ME/CFS from an infectious diseases perspective, Dr. Montoya is extremely overloaded in his clinics.  He may not be able to see patients for follow-up visits as frequently as he would like.  Please call the Stanford Infectious Diseases Clinic at least 6 months in advance to schedule an appointment.
  • If you are unable to make a follow up appointment within the time frame Dr. Montoya requested, please reserve the next available appointment with the clinic. If you would like to be seen sooner than your appointment time, please request to add yourself to the cancellation waiting list through the clinic.  
  • Please note that it is not necessary to have new lab results for every visit with Dr. Montoya. He orders lab tests no more frequently than every 6 months. Do not cancel an existing appointment with him for the reason that you could not get the lab work done before the appointment. It is more important that you keep your appointment as scheduled than that you have new lab results.
  • For more information about scheduling an outpatient clinic appointment please visit Stanford Hospital and Clinics service website.

Expect Delays on your Appointment Day

Dr. Montoya takes the necessary time for each patient during his or her scheduled appointment.  Sometimes that requires him to take longer than the scheduled time with a patient, which can cause him to run behind for his other appointments that day.  Please be aware that this can happen, and consider bringing a book to read or other materials.

Additional Information

Insurance Coverage

Always verify your benefits with your insurance provider before your scheduled appointment and/or blood draw. Additionally, if your insurance provider requires prior authorization for clinic visits, please be sure to have the necessary paperwork completed at least two weeks before your scheduled appointment. For additional resources regarding financial and insurance information at Stanford Hospital and Clinic, please visit the Stanford Hospital & Clinics Financial and Insurance Information.

Financial Assistance

For information on the Stanford Hospital and Clinic’s financial assistance program, please refer to the Financial Assistance website. Detailed instructions for completing the financial assistance application can be found on this webpage.

Disability Forms and Letters

  • Please request that disability paperwork be completed and submitted by your Primary Care Physician.  Dr. Montoya will not be the main provider of disability claims, and will only be able to support the disability paperwork and letters submitted by your primary care physician.
  • If you would like to obtain a letter supporting your disability claim from Dr. Montoya, please contact Dr. Montoya’s research staff.

Patient Assistance Programs for Medications

  • If you cannot afford a medication or if your claim is denied by your insurance provider, consider looking at the following websites, which offer information about patient-assistance programs for reduced- or no-cost medications to those who qualify:
  • Your primary care physician or local health clinic may also provide you with information on how to afford your medication.  Additionally, you can contact the manufacturer of the medication to see if a patient-assistance program is offered.

(650) 736-5200