Available Positions

Interested candidates should email or fax curriculum vitae and three reference letters to our administrative associate Regie Ledesma:

Regie Ledesma
Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford
Department of Radiology
Stanford University School of Medicine
1201 Welch Rd
Lucas Room P272C3
Stanford, CA, 94305

Phone: (650) 497-6003
Fax: (650) 618-0415
Email: regiel@stanford.edu

Staff Radiochemist (Research Associate or Assistant)

The Department of Radiology at Stanford University is looking for a qualified candidate to fill Senior and Staff Radiochemist job openings to support our basic science and clinical faculty, and meet the growing needs of the radiochemistry program. The person selected for this role will assist the Director and Quality Assurance (QA) Officer of the Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Program with its radiochemistry activities, maintain relations with vendors and industry contacts, establish and cultivate collaborations within the Department of Radiology and throughout the School of Medicine. On-the-job training with PET/SPECT radiochemistry and cyclotron operation will be provided to successful candidate if needed. Individual will prepare routine (e.g., [18F]FDG, [18F]NaF, [13N]NH3) and/or research radiopharmaceuticals (e.g., [11C]PIB, [18F]EF-5, [18F]FLT) safely for human use under FDA-guidelines (e.g., GMP and FDA regulations, RDRC/eIND/IND applications). In addition to routine radiopharmaceutical production, the well-qualified candidate will develop new [F-18] and [C-11]-labeled radiopharmaceuticals as well as radiosynthetic methods for the Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford (MIPS). Strong analytical, trouble-shooting, detail-oriented, and organizational skills are essential. Strong written and oral communication skills in English, ability to work independently on assigned tasks, and being able to function in a multidisciplinary environment are also required. Experience with automated syntheses, microwave chemistry, microfluidics, and biology are desired but not necessary. The requirements for the Senior position include a Ph.D., prior research experience, strong background in PET radiochemistry (including extensive knowledge of C-11, F-18, Cu-64, Zr-89, and/or Ga-68 labeling), cyclotron/generator maintenance and operation, automated radiochemistry platforms, a demonstrated track record of successful teamwork, and project management. The candidate for the Staff position must have must have a B.S. degree in chemistry (synthetic/organic, medicinal, or analytical) and/or radiochemistry experience (with advanced degree preferred).

Postdoctoral Radiochemist

Postdoctoral candidates must have a Ph.D. in organic or medicinal chemistry with experience in multi-step synthesis and want to learn the processes (i.e. GMP and FDA regulations, IND applications) involved in preparing routine and/or promising radiopharmaceuticals safely for human use under FDA-guidelines. In addition to routine radiopharmaceutical production, the successful candidate will be expected to help develop new 18F and 11C-labeled radiopharmaceuticals as well as radiosynthetic methods for MIPS. Good written and verbal communication skills are essential. Experience with HPLC, micro-scale reactions, radiochemistry, and biology background is strongly desired but not necessary.

Molecular Biologist (Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate Position) in Molecular Imaging

The successful candidate will join a research group focusing on cancer molecular imaging. The candidate must have a PhD, MD or equivalent with specialization in Molecular Biology. Preference will be given to candidates with a combination of the following skill-sets: cell culture and assays, molecular biology and cloning techniques, bioluminescence/fluorescence optical imaging, PET imaging, animal surgery and handling techniques. Salary will be determined based on the experience of the candidate and the University guidelines for Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate. Stanford University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

This Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator position is focused on coordinating research studies. This includes establishing a good understanding of the steps in our study, as well as learning the rules regarding human subjects research as well as safety in MRI scanners. The successful applicant will be organized, outgoing, an excellent communicator, and thorough in record keeping. Furthermore, he, she, or they will need to frequently be the first point of contact for participants in the research studies, explain all aspects of the study to subjects, and to communicate concerns that the subject has to and from the research team. Complete records of all subject enrollment will be critical, including setup and maintenance of appropriate subject databases. The tasks may also include handling of patient data, including deidentification for research purposes, reporting of subject enrollment, and assisting with publication or presentation of study results. The research assistant may also be responsible for collecting surgical specimens from the operating room for research studies. There are multiple research studies in the area of imaging, including faculty, scientific staff, post-doctoral fellows and students. The ability to work within a team is essential. Overall this position will allow tremendous exposure to the research that is performed in the department, as well as growth opportunities in the university.

Stanford University is seeking an Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator to perform administrative support duties related to the collection of clinical data and/or the coordination of clinical studies. Work under the direction and supervision of the principal investigator and/or study coordinator/supervisor.