Who We Are

Sara Ali, MD, MPH
Residency: University of New Mexico
Medical School: Cairo University

My journey to child psychiatry fellowship at Stanford completed a full circle for me. I first joined the Stanford psychiatry department as a research assistant and then as a post-doctoral fellow in the Stanford Muslims and Mental Health Lab. I got to experience first-hand the tremendous research resources that the psychiatry department offers, the culture that encourages innovation, and the fantastic collaborative vibe. I aspire to become an academic child & adolescent psychiatrist and found Stanford to be the perfect fit for my fellowship training and for my future career goals. I look forward to using my six weeks of scholarly block in the first year of fellowship to further advance my academic work. I am grateful for being trained by renowned faculty who model humility, professionalism, and compassion in serving their patients and families. I am passionate about psychotherapy, and the breadth of therapy training in the Stanford CAP-1 year, including CBT, play therapy, family psychiatry and parent management training, is unmatched by most other programs. In my free time, I enjoy the beautiful weather and exploring recreational places in the SF Bay Area with my family.

Earth Hasassri, MD
Residency: UCSF
Medical School: Mayo Clinic

I chose Stanford because of the depth and breadth of clinical opportunities. I was drawn by the strength of the clinical rotations, the superb teaching faculty, and the impressive patient volume which allows us to see a wide array of psychiatric disorders, from the common to the rare. Because Stanford offers patients a variety of specialized clinical services, I feel fortunate to learn about how to use these top-notch resources from leaders in the field of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Since starting here, I’m even more impressed by the robust psychotherapy supervision, the ability to have an inpatient child psychiatry experience, the dedicated inpatient eating disorders rotation, and a six-week scholarly block that has allowed me to pursue my interest in bringing transcranial magnetic stimulation to children and adolescent populations.

My current clinical interests include interventional psychiatry (TMS, ECT, ketamine), psychoanalytic psychotherapy including play therapy for children, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, Asian American mental health, and the clinical intersection between neurology and psychiatry. Since moving to San Francisco for residency at UCSF, I fell in love with the SF Bay Area and its endless outdoor opportunities, the temperate climate, and the diverse food options here. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to stay in the Bay Area!

Katie Hsih, MD, MPhil
Residency: MGH
Medical School:Johns Hopkins University

I grew up in the SF Bay Area and left for the east coast to attend college, where I studied engineering and witnessed snowfall for the first time. After college, I explored global health in rural West Africa and studied medical anthropology in the UK before returning to the US for medical training. I traveled up and down the east coast during medical school and residency, and am delighted to finally return to California for fellowship at Stanford!

I feel very grateful to be part of the Stanford CAP community - not only are there diverse opportunities to learn and grow, there is also a palpable warmth among mentors and colleagues that makes the experience feel even more like home.

My professional interests are broad, including complex trauma, cultural behaviors, novel therapeutics, and technology in psychiatry. Outside of work, I enjoy dancing, backpacking, baking in large quantities, harvesting honey, and climbing trees.

Jillian Larsen, MD
Residency: University of Texas at San Antonio
Medical School: University of Texas at San Antonio

I grew up in Dallas, TX and attended college in Southern California (at Claremont McKenna College), before heading back to Texas for medical school and residency. When I started my fellowship search, I was excited about the prospect of returning to California. When I interviewed at Stanford, it immediately felt like the right fit! There were a lot of things about Stanford that made it my first choice for fellowship – the expertise of the faculty in the department, the opportunities for research and mentorship, the quality of the didactics, the emphasis on psychotherapy training, and the breadth of clinical experiences. I’ve also been impressed with how our program leadership supports fellows in pursuing whatever areas of interest we have, and I'm excited for the opportunity to explore mine during scholarly block this year.

Juan Lopez, MD
Residency: San Mateo County
Medical School: Florida State University

As the son of Argentine immigrants and growing up in a bicultural and bilingual household, I have had a longstanding interest in culture and how it defines us as individuals. I studied Art History as an undergrad, and though art and stories can enrich one's understanding of life, I found the cultivation of interpersonal relationships to be the most meaningful aspect of the human experience. Inevitably, Psychiatry was a perfect fit for my career interests. I chose to pursue child & adolescent training because of my interests in public health, prevention, early trauma interventions, development, and family systems work. I was especially drawn to Stanford’s community track as it allowed me to continue to cultivate my passion for working with underserved children and families. I am interested in examining and helping to change structural health inequities, deepening my psychotherapy skills, and developing my expertise as a clinician-educator. I have loved our program’s emphasis on teaching and practicing cultural psychiatry, and I feel strongly supported by my supervisors. My co-fellows have been amazing, thoughtful, and supportive people, and I feel especially fortunate to be working alongside them. Having done my residency at the San Mateo County program, I was glad to stay in the SF Bay Area, where there is ready access to the outdoors, diverse cultural experiences, and wonderful weather!

Kevin Luo, MD
Residency: UC San Diego
Medical School: UC San Diego

Growing up in the SF Bay Area, I was always curious about living in Southern California. When the opportunity came up, I eagerly attended UC San Diego for medical school and happily stayed for residency. Although I miss SoCal beaches, I feel right at home when I see towering palm trees on the beautiful Stanford campus.

I chose Stanford for fellowship training because it prioritizes the commitment to quality education, offers broad clinical experiences, and cultivates intellectual curiosity. Most of all, I came to Stanford for the amazing people who are invested in my development as a clinician and a future leader. I am interested in emergency psychiatry, consult liaison psychiatry, psychopharmacology, and cultural psychiatry. I am excited to explore the intersection of these interests during my dedicated scholarly time in both CAP-1 and CAP-2 years.

Gabriela Marranzini, MD
Residency: University of Virginia
Medical School: University of Florida

I am originally from Jacksonville, Florida and majored in Hispanic Studies at Davidson College in North Carolina. I completed medical school at the University of Florida before moving up the coast to the University of Virginia for psychiatry residency. I have always been drawn to working with children and I am excited to begin my career as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. My goal in this field is to work with vulnerable populations and communities with limited access to resources and specialized expertise. At Stanford, I found a program that offers well-rounded training experiences that will prepare me for a career serving these patient populations, especially immigrant children, their families, and victims of trauma and abuse. Given my desire to relocate to the west coast and Stanford’s bounty of clinical experiences and robust training opportunities, the program is a great fit!

Tram Nguyen, MD
Residency: San Mateo County
Medical School: UC Davis

Choosing to go to Stanford for fellowship seemed like the natural next step in my training. Having previously rotated at Stanford, I was impressed by the knowledge of the faculty, the diversity and complexity of patient cases, and the welcoming attitude of the program administration. The program appealed to me for many reasons, including the opportunity to work with faculty and fellows who are well respected, and well connected, in the field and flexible scholarly times to tailor my experience. There is a wealth of training opportunities at Stanford which provide fellows with an exceptionally well-rounded clinical experience. Additionally, the SF Bay Area is a wonderful place to live with plenty of options for food and outdoor adventures.

Jack Turban, MD, MHS
Residency: MGH
Medical School: Yale

I fell in love with child psychiatry as a medical student at Yale and have loved every minute of my journey since!

Specifically, I’m passionate about improving the mental health of transgender youth and am the co-editor of the textbook, Pediatric Gender Identity: Gender-affirming Care for Transgender & Gender Diverse Youth. I’ve also had great opportunities to conduct research on the determinants of mental health for transgender youth that has made its way into legislative debates and court cases around the country. In my spare time, I work as a freelance opinion writer on issues of gender and sexuality, with pieces in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, and a few others. I’m a member of the media committee of AACAP and the communications council of the APA.

Stanford has been such a perfect fit for me. The SF Bay Area has incredible expertise on LGBTQ mental health, and some of our very own program directors are conducting vital research in the area. Stanford also has an unparalleled medical humanities program that has allowed me to keep up my writing. And none of this is to mention the beautiful weather and laid-back supportive academic community! It’s been an incredibly welcomed culture shock from the East coast, and I think I’ve found my new home for the foreseeable future.


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