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A partnership between Stanford Medical Center and local communities to improve the health and well being of children in the Silicon Valley. Pediatric residents, medical students and undergraduates work with community partners to address community needs through Education, Service and Research.

Support the Pediatric Advocacy Program and you can give the gift of health to all children and young people in our community.

Families At The Border

Working in teams, our providers conduct monthly visits to Tijuana assessing the needs, resources, and priorities of our partnering shelters and clinics. These visits have resulted in the establishment of bimonthly women’s clinic for pregnant women and ongoing development of protocols for illnesses that commonly plague shelter occupants. Our supplies and outreach branch fundraises money and leverages corporate and local connections to help supply medications, medical supplies, sanitary equipment, and any other needs specifically identified by our partners.  

Funds raised through this page will be used to support the functions of shelters and clinics and finance:

Medical supplies


Referrals for high-risk patients

Travel for students with financial need