Mid-peninsula Pediatric Advocacy Coalition

In 2016, a group of pediatricians and other health professionals from the Stanford Pediatric Advocacy Program, Fair Oaks Health Center, Gardner Packard Children’s Health Center, Mayview Community Health Center, and Ravenswood Family Health Center created iMPACt: the Mid-peninsula Pediatric Advocacy Coalition, to address the social determinants of health affecting the children and families in this area in a joint, coordinated way. Past coalition projects have focused on family poverty, early education, and mental health. iMPACt also puts together food and educational resource guides for families yearly. 

Our Ongoing Work

2020: iMPACt Diaper Distributions

Providing resource relief for families across the Bay Area



To provide relief to families experiencing finacial hardships with the COVID-19 pandemic, iMPACt members and partners distributed 45,000+ diapers to local families in the Summer of 2020!


2019: REACH Health Training

Integrating mental health professional development into practice

The iMPACt group worked to ensure that health professionals were equipped with the tools necessary to provide youth with proper mental health care. There are now 35 REACH-certified primary care providers in the Mid-Peninsula.

2018: iMPACt Members Packing Talk, Read, Sing Materials

Emphasizing early childhood education

Talk, Read, Sing is an early childhood initiative to encourage school readiness amongst all our iMPACt clinics. Delivering children's books and other educational materials, the Talk Read Sing program has been an ongoing effort to ensure that families who visit an iMPACt clinic are empowered to engage their children in activities that promote early brain and language development.