Collaborative Mural Art Project

Fair Oaks Clinic Transformation

Fair Oaks Clinic: Before

In 2015, Jecca Steinberg (Stanford Medical Student), Dr. Neel Patel, artist Lauren Toomer, clinical staff and the Redwood City community set out to design and paint a mural to enhance the school readiness experience of patients in the waiting room.

Fair Oaks Clinic: In progress

Stanford artist Lauren Toomer volunteered her time and energy to create the mural, eliciting community feedback to ensure the end product was "community inspired."

Fair Oaks: After

To compliment the mural, Fair Oaks contributed the funds to add 3 school readiness learning panels and colorful children's chairs.

MayView Clinic Mural

In 2017, Eleni Ramphos worked with artist Sean Howe to create a second mural in Mayview Clinic (Mountain View) and a third is being planned. Now, parents read with their children as they wait for appointments and siblings teach each other with the games integrated into the Spanish and English mural elements. The refurbishment restores dignity to the space; families say they now feel appreciated by the clinic

In the News

PUBLICATION (Oct. 2018): Steinberg, Jecca R., Eleni Ramphos, Janine S. Bruce, and Lisa J. Chamberlain. “What Do Clinical Environments Say to Our Patients? A Replicable Model for Creative Advocacy.” American Journal of Public Health 108, no. 11 (November 2018): 1509–10.

SCOPE (Sept. 2015): Stanford med student helps turn pediatrics waiting room into a center for school-readiness

SJSU Newsroom (March 2019): SJSU Artist Adds Color to Pediatric Clinic and Promotes Learning

Santa Clara Valley Bascom Pediatric Clinic Transformation

The mural at Valley Medical Center’s Bascom Clinic was completed in February 2019 by artist Renae McCollum, who has her teaching credential in Art and will receive her Masters in Art Education from SJSU in 2019. She volunteered 7 days of her time to complete this 10ft X 22ft indoor mural, allowing families of the safety net clinic to promote their children’s early learning of numbers, letters, and words while engaging with a fun under-the-sea theme.