Q: Why is it important to participate in cystic fibrosis (CF) research?

A: Research participation is important for everyone, especially teens, because it can help to further our understanding of CF, which may lead to a cure. By participating in research, it could lead to findings that help to increase the life span for people with CF. Without willing participants, new drugs and devices will not be discovered for the treatment of CF.

Q: Why should teens participate in CF research?

A: It can be a rewarding experience to participate in research and there is such an opportunity to benefit from getting involved. It might make you feel good to learn your actions could help people all over the world with CF.

Q: Are there any other benefits to participating?

A: When you participate in clinical trials you work with research coordinators, are monitored closely and you can become involved in your own care. You may also find participating in clinical trials helps you to gain a greater and deeper understanding about CF.

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