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Research Information

At Stanford CF Center, we participate in research that is observational and investigational, meaning you could participate in a study that involves no more than your usual medical care or a clinical trial that studies whether a new treatment or device is safe and effective.  We conduct clinical trials from all different phases, from short-term phase 1 trials in small groups of patients to phase 4 trials in large groups that can last for many years.  No matter what type of research you participate in, it is important and helps move us all toward a cure for CF!

Meet the Research Team

Carlos Milla, MD
Professor, Department of Pediatrics,
Pulmonary Division, CF Center Director,
Pediatric Specialty: Pulmonary Medicine
and Transplant

Jackie Spano,  DNP, RN, CNP, CCRC
Pediatric Research Clinical Practitioner

Tina Conti, RRT-NPS, C-NPT
Respiratory Research Coordinator

Monica Elazar
Regulatory Affairs

Laura Rojas
Life Science Research
Professional II

Amanda Keen, MSN, RN
Clinical Research Nurse Coordinator

Lani Demchak, BS, MBA
Clinical Research Coordinator II

Cathy Hernandez
Database Specialist

Kayo Nakano
Research Assistant