Amy Baugh

Amy Baugh is a long-time member of the Stanford/LPCH CF Community.  Amy's son Makinnon, was diagnosed over 10 years ago at LPCH.  In addition to Makinnon, Amy has two daughters: Marin, who has CF, and Mikele.  Amy's family is committed to helping find a cure for CF.  Both Makinnon and Marin have participated in numerous clinical trials.  Amy is grateful that her children have the opportunity to be treated at LPCH.  She feels that not only have her children received quality care, but that she, too, has been supported and educated about CF.  She is excited to be a part of a council that is striving to improve patient care at Stanford.  Amy works part-time as a TA in a Kindergarten classroom.  She also loves to read and hike with her family.

Kirsten McGowan

Kirsten joined the CF Parent Advisory Council in 2014 and is serving as Co-Lead Parent along with Amy Baugh.  Her eldest son, Patrick, is 5 years old and was diagnosed with CF in utero at LPCH in 2009 and he has received care at the Stanford CF Center his entire life.  Kirsten and her husband, Boyd, are appreciative of the relationships they have developed at Stanford both to help Pat thrive but also to provide education and support for them.  She has a BA in Biology and has worked her entire career in the biotech industry, with focused experience on quality management systems.  Kirsten and her family live in Redwood City and she enjoys cooking, baking, running, spending time with her husband and two sons, and watching football.

Arek Puzia

Arek Puzia has been a member of the Stanford/LPCH CF community for nearly three years now.  Arek's daughter, Natalie, was diagnosed 5 years ago from the newborn blood screen.  Arek and his family are very involved in various conferences, boards, and fundraising events in the quest to find a cure for CF.  Natalie's mutation is one of the less known nonsense mutation and none of the current medical breakthroughs apply to her.  Arek became part of the LPCH family when Natalie's care team, Bay Area Pediatrics Pulmonary was acquired by Stanford.  Arek is very excited to be a part of the Stanford community and to help improve outcomes for all CF  patients and their families.  Arek enjoys travel, the outdoors,  and has an insatiable appetite for learning.