Cardiovascular Disease (CIP1)

This Center-Initiated Project is studying matched set of iPSC lines from patients with cardiovascular disease and the corresponding whole genome sequences and genome-wide expression analyses. The primary goal of this CIP is to establish a biobank of extensively well-characterized iPSC lines and to validate the utility of this resource by modeling two highly prevalent familial forms of cardiovascular disease, DCM and HCM, and performing drug screening studies. This CIP will also investigate genome stability of iPSC lines, which is crucial for understanding their therapeutic value.

Investigator Team

Michael Snyder, PhD

Michael Snyder (PI) is Professor & Chair of Genetics at Stanford University and Director of the Stanford Center for Genomics & Personalized Medicine. He is an expert in the field of functional genomics and proteomics, and he has developed many genomic technologies and informatics pipelines.

Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD 

Joseph C. Wu (co-PI) is Professor of Medicine/Cardiology and Director of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute. He is an expert in cardiac developmental biology and in iPSC drug screening platforms.

Kristin K. Baldwin, PhD

Kristin K. Baldwin (co-PI) is an Associate Professor at the Scripps Research Institute. Her laboratory generated the first iPSC lines that could produce an entire organism.