Center-Initiated Projects (CIPs)

The center will have state-of-the-art Center-Initiated Projects (CIPs) whose data and iPS cell lines will serve as a valuable resource to the entire CIRM community and provide important insights into stem cell research. It will also serve as an important resource for nucleating collaborative projects with other CIRM investigators and making genomics capabilities available to the entire regenerative medicine community.

The Current CIPs

Cardiovascular Disease (CIP1)

This project is studying matched set of iPSC lines from patients with cardiovascular disease and the corresponding whole genome sequences and genome-wide expression analyses.

Cell Differentiation (CIP2)

This project is systematically characterizing the heterogeneous cell subpopulations within normal and pathological tissues of the human brain and pancreas, and determining the gene expression and epigenetic properties of each member of the organ lineage tree.