CERC Design Fellowship

The Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) Design Fellowship has given physicians from across the United States the opportunity to become experts in value-based health care delivery innovation. Since 2011, 54 fellows in this 11-month program have designed Care Models associated with substantial disability and health spending.

Working as multi-disciplinary teams, fellows have collaborated directly with CERC faculty, value-based health systems, and industry leaders to uncover and disseminate the care models in organizations nationwide. In line with CERC’s mission, the goal of these designs has been to lower population-wide health spending while improving the quality and experience of care.

"CERC has launched a whole new career for me as a subject matter expert in using technology and digital health tools to better diagnose, measure, and treat disease in novel cost-effective ways particularly as it relates to pharmaceuticals. The people I had the privilege of meeting, the skills I learned, the methodology we practiced, and the need to thrive in ambiguity at CERC, were all instrumental to helping me thrive in the fast-paced health start-up and biotech industries."

Scooter Plowman
Medical Director, Head of Digital Medicine at Amgen

By working on Bright Spots Care Models , CERC teams have uncovered scalable cost-effective methods of care delivery in the US and globally. Many are enhanced via new capabilities emerging from advances in science and technology, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. CERC also embeds features that address the most deeply felt unmet human needs of patients, families, and their clinicians.

Some program graduates continue to work at CERC and Stanford, while others have assumed leadership positions in health care delivery systems, joined industry or professional services firms, or helped launch venture-based health care startups.

"In the ICU setting, we often see the patients who fall through the cracks of our healthcare system: the patient whose inhaler wasn't covered by insurance who now has an asthma exacerbation, or the young woman with a breast mass who delayed her mammogram out of fear of medical bills, now with widespread disease. On many days I felt that I was treating a broken healthcare system rather than my patients. The CERC fellowship provided me with the tools and insight to better understand the healthcare system around me, equipping me to become an agent of change in a complex and evolving field."

Andrea Jonas, MD
Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care
Stanford University