CERC Articles

  • PAC Goes to the White House

    PAC’s Ehsan Adeli spoke at the event, which was hosted by the WH Office of Science and Technology Policy. The award entitles to PAC to 70,000 node hours of compute time with the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF), which will further PAC’s research studying the use of computer vision models to greatly improve ICU outcomes and patient care.

  • Unconventional Care for Spine Pain Outperforms Usual Treatment in Rigorous Clinical Trial

    If back pain is making you miserable, you’re far from alone. The most common of all health maladies, back pain affects 29% of US adults and more than one out of seven of adults battle pain in the neck.

  • Civica’s Plan for Affordable Insulin Proves we can Bring Transparency to the Drug Market

    Civica Inc. this week announced plans to manufacture and distribute insulin drugs that will be available to people with diabetes at dramatically lower prices than those currently on the market.

  • Latest Roadblock to Immunity: Apathy

    Public health campaigns to convince the nearly 40 percent of the population that is still unvaccinated rely on facts and medical data to relieve anxiety and inspire confidence.