News & Publications- 2016 & Prior Years


Designing More Affordable and Effective Health Care

Case study on the Clinical Excellence Research Center  - Commonwealth Fund Feb 2016


When I Grow Up: Helping Chronically Ill Kids Make the Jump to Adult Care

Feature story about the challenges faced by kids with chronic illness as they move to adulthood, and CERC's work to improve this process - Stanford Medicine Magazine, Fall 2015


Stanford Team Designs Process for Reducing Stroke Disability, Costs

Feature about CERC's work on improving stroke-related care - Stanford Medicine News December 2014


  • Halpin HA, McMenamin SB, Simon LP, Jacobsen D, Vanneman M, Shortell SM, Milstein A. The Impact of Participation in the California Healthcare-Associated Infection Prevention Initiative on Adoption and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices for Patient Safety and HAI Rates in a Cohort of Acute Care General Hospitals. Am J Infect Control. 2013 Apr; 41(4): 307-11
  • Milstein, A. Code Red and Blue: Safely Limiting Healthcare’s GDP Footprint. N Engl J Med. 2013 Jan; 368: 1-3
  • Patel MI, Moore D, Blayney D, Milstein A. Transforming cancer care: Are transdisciplinary approaches using design thinking, engineering, and business methodologies needed to improve value in cancer care delivery? Opportunities to transform cancer care delivery. Journal of Oncology Practice, December 2013
  • Toussaint J, Milstein A, Shortell S. How the Pioneer ACO Model Needs to Change: Lessons From Its Best-Performing ACO. JAMA. 2013 Oct; 310(13): 1341-1342
  • Olchanski, Natalia & S Milstein, A & Chambers, James & Neumann, Peter. (2013). Forecasting The Health And Health Spending Consequences Of Value-Based Drug Insurance Design For Insureds With Five High-Cost Conditions. Value in health : the journal of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research. 16. A254. 10.1016/j.jval.2013.03.1298


Against the Odds: A Band of Rebels Fights to Save Health Care

Feature story about CERC and its work with advanced cancer care - Stanford Medicine Magazine, Fall 2012

More Care Up Front for $54 a Month

Bay Area Becoming Center of Health Care Innovation

Dr. Milstein discusses the role of CERC in health care delivery innovation - California Healthline, May 2012

2011 & Prior Years

More Transparency, Better Health Care

Op-ed by George Shultz, Dr. Milstein, and Robert Krughoff advocating the public release of Medicare data - Wall Street Journal, September 2011 

Reinventing Health Care Services

Dr. MIlstein discusses the issues that led him to found CERC - Stanford Social Innovation Review, September, 2011