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IRiSS Conference Room

CERC Lecture Series

Adam C. Lichtl, PhD

CEO of Delta Brain Inc.

"How can artificial intelligence safely and most greatly lower annual per capita health spending"


Speaker Bio

Adam C. Lichtl, PhD is the CEO of Delta Brain Inc., a healthcare AI company dedicated to using machine learning and automation to improve patient access to high-quality care. Delta Brain's predictive analytics is used by provider groups in value-based payment contracts to anticipate gaps in care, identify members at increased risk of hospitalization, and proactively schedule scarce resources to best meet patient needs.

Adam holds a doctorate in Computational Physics from Carnegie Mellon, an MBA from the Tepper School of Business, and a bachelors from Caltech. He has spent over 15 years in the field of large-scale computing, during which time he has simulated nuclear processes on an IBM Blue Gene supercomputer at a Department of Energy Laboratory, developed complex trading algorithms at Morgan Stanley as VP of Quant Strategies, and tackled quality and risk challenges at SpaceX as Director of Research in their Propulsion Department, where he created and staffed their first dedicated Machine Learning team.



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