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CERC Event

CERC Welcome White House Fellows

CERC recently hosted special guests of SoM for an early evening glass of wine outdoors on the deck near the Center’s offices. This contingency of 15 were part of a class of White House Fellows that served in DC as part of the Carter Administration. The Class has stayed close and marked the 40 year reunion in Palo Alto. They met and spent time with our CERC Design Fellows while here.

left to right: Catherine Leggett; Susan Rice; Chuan-Mei Lee, MA, MD; Danielle Rochlin, MD; Claudia Scheuter, MD; Carolyn Chin; Steve Hill; Alice Padilla; Teresa Schwarz; Sandy Hill; Dan Schwarz; Judy Sorum Brown; Myra Altman, PhD; Betsy Saxom; John Saxon; Jim Padilla; Ike Leggett; Craig Ritchey; Francesca Salipur, MD, PhD; Arnold Milstein, MD; Chris Mar