Transformative Research & Leadership Development

Our interdisciplinary teams discover, design, and disseminate cost-saving innovations for conditions comprising the bulk of U.S. health care spending. We collaborate closely with research, industry, and philanthropic partners.

Harnessing Innovations Across Medicine, Engineering, and Management


Care Model Innovations

Following a rigorous, standardized process, CERC research teams have developed scalable delivery innovations that lower spending while improving outcomes.


CERC's Research Areas

CERC’s interdisciplinary teams focus on Care Delivery Innovations, Health Care Policy, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Process Innovation, and Organizational Innovation.


Published Research and CERC in the News 

Through published research and articles, CERC is shaping the national discourse around value-based care delivery, health policy and reform, and AI-based innovations.


Health Care Policy

CERC faculty offer a deep examination of systemic issues in the health care system largely unaddressed by other research groups.


The Power of Computer Vision in Health Care

Our AI innovations support care delivery in the ICU, improve hand hygiene and surgical technique in clinical settings, and enhance the well-being of seniors living at home.


Collaboration Opportunities

CERC offers industry and research partners numerous opportunities to shape high-quality, lower cost patient care alongside noted Stanford scholars and innovators.

Training Healthcare Leaders Who Innovate Technology and Business Designs

The New Master of Science in Clinical Informatics Management

This one-year management program for working professionals - the first of its kind on the West Coast - will provide leaders and emerging leaders in health care and technology with the clinical business and informatics capabilities to transfrom care delivery through digital innovation. Applications for the Class of 2022 will be available in September 2020. 


Executive Education Led by Distinguished CERC Scholars

We offer clinicians, researchers, and executives a dynamic learning environment in which to identify, develop, and implement technology and management innovations that reduce the cost of great care.

Recent News & Publications

– NEJM: Catalyst

Early Convalescent Plasma for High-Risk Outpatients with Covid-19

CERC’s Kevin Schulman et al: In the NIH-sponsored C3PO clinical trial, high-risk patients with mild to moderate symptoms showed little benefit from Covid-19 convalescent plasma.

– JAMA: Viewpoint

Will CMS Find Aducanumab Reasonable and Necessary for Alzheimer Disease After FDA Approval?

In this new Viewpoint in JAMA, CERC's Kevin Schulman, Barak Richman, and Stanford Neurologist Michael Greicius examine what’s at stake at the FDA’s controversial approval of Biogen’s new Alzheimer’s drug.