What We Offer

cEMc provides equipment and expertise for researchers to access cryoEM and related techniques. Our services include:

  • High-resolution data collection for single-particle analysis (SPA), soft-matter research, and tomography
  • High-throughput cryo sample screening and collection of diagnostic small data sets
  • Screening negatively stained samples
  • Training and various levels of assistance for diverse experimental designs, including sample preparation, negative stain screening, and equipment operation
  • Full-service option for screening and data collection—we do it for you!

Who We Serve

Our primary mission is to empower the Stanford research community to accelerate discovery through open access to cutting-edge cryoEM services.

We also provide services to any university, consortium, or other nonprofit research organization that seeks to apply cryoEM technologies.

The Stanford cEMc can also accommodate commercial clients for up to 15 percent of available instrumentation time.

Connect With Us

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