Tutorial Videos

To be prepared for each group meeting, each "Day" has several improvement based videos to watch before meeting together. Videos are found in each "Day" tab on the left.

Day 1 - Introduction to A3 Thinking, Life of a QI Project, Team Roles

Day 2 - SMART Goals, Communicating Progress, Current State

Day 3 - Understanding the Problem, The 8 wastes, Moving Forward w/o Meetings

Day 4 - Key Drivers Part 1, Key Drivers Part 2

Day 5 - Statistical Process Control

Day 6 - Psychological Aspects of Change, Processes, Systems

Day 7 - Introduction to Reliability, Education Training and Coaching

Day 8 - Organizational Design, Sustain Plans, Collaborative Problem Solving

Day 9 - Closing an Improvement Project, Spreading Improvements

Day 10 - Graduation Day - No tutorial videos